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The World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game

The World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game

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The World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game enables you to create your own professional wrestling franchise through play, showcasing satisfying and surprising storylines. It’s about feuds, championships, betrayal, and righteous victory. It’s about the clash of good and evil on the grandest stage. It’s about whether you’ve got what it takes. And, in the end, it’s about what the audience thinks of your efforts. 

In World Wide Wrestling, Creative (the GM role) sets up the show, orders the card and books the matches ahead of time. The players choose archtypical pro wrestling Gimmicks, like the Monster, the Veteran, the High Flyer, and so on as the base for their character. Wrestlers play through what Creative has planned, but they have the ability and autonomy to pursue their own feuds, set up their own matches and swerve Creative's booking. Creative's job is to make it look like that was the plan all along. Characters are the wrestler as a professional; this means that you play out both their on-screen costumed persona, and their backstage efforts to maintain and progress their careers (and the ways the two effect each other).

Through play focused equally on action in the squared circle and events behind the scenes, you will discover who has what it takes to become a wrestling legend.


World Wide Wrestling is Powered by the Apocalypse. A simple 2d6+stat modifier system resolves the wrestlers iconic actions, like Working the Audience, Cutting a Promo and in-ring Wrestling. Play is mostly conversation, punctuated by occasional rolls and resolutions of the outcomes. The Gimmicks are broad templates customized by the player to suit their wrestling character, and characters advance over time by working matches with their biggest rivals, getting over with the audience and gaining championships. Advancement comes in the form of raising stats, gaining valets or manager, gaining custom Moves and manouvers, changing Gimmick to evolve the character over time, and more.

The free, fully playable Beta rules are available to check out here. These have been cleaned up, more fully explained and extended, but the core system can be seen here.

Game Features:

  • Supports large and small groups, irregular attendance, drop-in guest stars and one-shot play.
  • Quick character generation based on wrestling archetypes.
  • Play a single wrestling show in two hours, and then link shows together into an ongoing Season of play.
  • In-ring action system channels your descriptive creativity to make engaging and entertaining matches.
  • Rules support building and maintaining feuds, getting over, gaining more fans, changing Gimmicks over time, building tag teams and stables, moving behind the scenes, and much more!
  • Text contains six helpful short essays on professional wrestling, roleplaying and how the two interact.
  • Built from the ground up to support both roleplayers who are into wrestling and wrestling fans who want to try this roleplaying thing out. This game is accessible to both hardcore and casual wrestling fans.
  • Digital package contains screen-ready PDF, EPUB ebook, and home-printable Gimmick sheets and play aids in PDF

Getting into World Wide Wrestling for the first time? International Incident, a supplement adding international styles of professional wrestling, is now available. Check out the WWWRPG+International Incident Bundle, only $15 for both games!

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Customer avatar
M G S December 20, 2017 1:03 am UTC
Do you need to have the apocalypse world ruleset handy to be able to play this or is it okay as a standalone?
Customer avatar
Nathan P December 20, 2017 2:46 pm UTC
Hi there! This is a completely stand-alone game and does not require Apocalypse World (though if you have experience with other PbtA games, you'll probably have some crossover techniques and habits that will enhance play!)
Customer avatar
Colin B May 20, 2015 10:28 am UTC
I can't officially review this product, as I got my copy through the Kickstarter, but I can say that after years of looking for a roleplaying game that emulated the drama, action and shocks of pro-wrestling (without getting bogged down in senseless mechanics), I've finally found it. Take a dash of Know Your Role, a dollop of Kayfabe, mix in the Apocalypse World engine and stir well, and you have this amazing game. Grab it, grapple fans!
Customer avatar
Christopher M April 24, 2015 12:05 pm UTC
Any chance of this being made available in print?
Customer avatar
Christopher M May 16, 2015 6:11 am UTC
Ignore that question. I see that it's available in print from their website:
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