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Dux Bellorum – Arthurian Wargaming Rules AD 367–793
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Dux Bellorum – Arthurian Wargaming Rules AD 367–793

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Dux Bellorum is an Arthurian-era Dark Age wargame, set in the period from the mid-4th century AD to the end of the 8th century AD: a time when new kingdoms were being forged in the British Isles and a time when battle was commonplace.

These rules use individual stands as the basic playing pieces; this means that individual casualties are not removed from units and the number of miniatures you own has no bearing on hosting a good game, making the game flexible for players on a variety of budgets, and more boardgame-like as each stand is an individual playing piece on the board. All distances are given in Base Widths, which is the base width of units within the game to allow scalability from the smallest to largest miniatures available (usually 40/80mm for 15mm and 60/120mm for 28mm armies, big tables, and bigger wallets).

One stand represents roughly 50 fighting men, fewer for skirmishers. There is no given ground scale, and the nominal fighting men per stand is purely to give an idea of the size of battle being fought: if your vision of Dark Ages battles involves a cast of thousands, the nominal ratio may be changed with no effect on gameplay.

An army comprises of 32 points of elements; armies will usually consist of between 6 and 12 units, depending on the type of troops chosen and extra factors purchased. Armies may be chosen from: Late Roman, Romano-British, Welsh, Saxon, Pictish, Irish, Land Raider, and Sea Raider.

Dux Bellorum has been designed very much as a game, not an attempted simulation of military conflict, although the challenges presented to the players replicate the challenges faced in this historical era: inspiring the right troops at the right time, balancing quality versus quantity in your army, and a sprinkling of luck at the right time.

These rules have developed from the original Glutter of Ravens game, which was published in 1998; many of the mechanisms in Dux Bellorum have their origin in Glutter of Ravens, but this game plays in a very different way, benefiting from more than an extra decade of gaming experience and eliminating the (paper) record keeping aspect of the original game. The army lists are significantly different, based on extra years of research by the author and other enthusiasts and historians.


In all, a new approach to wargaming the period and well worth a look if Dark Age warfare is your area of interest. – Military Modelling.

Is it worth it at £17.95?  […] Yeah it is worth it.  It isn’t every day you can throw some mini’s down and put them on bases to play King Arthur.  When you do it is a lot of fun. I am looking forward to recreating an Arthurian siege. –

Note: This digital edition includes the PDF and ePub versions of the book.

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