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Publisher or Talent Website Analysis Report


RPG Publisher or Talent Website Analysis Report

RPG / small press publishers (and writers and artists), such as those in the RPG industry, do not like to spend money on things they feel they can do themselves, especially when it comes to their website. Unfortunately, this often results in a publisher's website under-performing.

Poor choices in this regard could be holding the website for your game publishing company  -- or even for a freelance writer or artist -- back from being able to meet its full online potential. That means lost sales and revenue opportunities.

The website analysis report offered by Steven Trustrum Marketing uses a combination of online testing tools and years of professional experience in online marketing and content optimization to conduct a basic but thorough analysis or a game publisher's website, the results of which will indicate some of the things you are doing correctly and some you are doing wrong.

Publisher or Talent Website Analysis Package Contents

Our website analysis report is broken down into three primary categories of information, each of which addresses a particular, overall aspect of fielding a competent online marketing strategy and effectively performing website.

1. Performance and Speed

A test of your website's load time on three separate occasions for comparison, along with other aspects of performance. This includes how coding and design choices affect how well your website works, and the speed at which it does so. We will tell you what is slowing you down.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing

What your website is (and is not) doing to draw traffic (i.e., potential customers) in from search engines, especially Google. We'll tell you what about your website design is preventing you from being spotted more easily in online searches relevant to your product.

3. Functionality & Usability

How your website's design, including the code output to the browser, could be making your website difficult for visitors to use and navigate. The less efficient functionality and usability are, the less likely your website is to convert into a sale. We'll tell you where your design is taking wrong turns.

Sample Report Pages

Click on any of the following thumbnails to see a larger image from the Trip West Games sample report.

Sample Website Analysis Report Page 1 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 2 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 3 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 4 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 5 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 6 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 7 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 8 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 10 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 11 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 12 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 13 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 14 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 15 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 16 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 17 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 18 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 19 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 20 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 21 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 22 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 23 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 24 Sample Website Analysis Report Page 25

What Our Website Analysis Is …

The report we provide following your website analysis will provide the basic results of an examination and testing process on your publishing company's website. This analysis will include a number of tools, an examination of your site's source code output (as is publicly made available through the browser), and the opinions of Steven Trustrum based on his online marketing experience.

What Our Website Analysis Is Not …

The analysis report is not a step-by-step guide to improving your website, nor is it a line-by-line examination of your code. It is an analysis with specific intentions. The information provided in the report should be sufficient for you to research solutions on your own, or you can seek further help from Steven Trustrum Marketing or a similar consultancy service.


Steven Trustrum spent over a decade working in market research in various capacities, including fielding research projects regarding website performance and usability. He has also helped prepare such research studies for internationally operating clients. He has also been acting as online content manager for a multi-national corporation since 2009, overseeing all online content and ensuring it meets SEO standards, while also assisting with devising online marketing strategies.

As a freelance writer and small press publisher, Steven Trustrum has practical knowledge of online marketing and small business website design strategies and requirements that work. The value of what customers are getting in return for purchasing this package has been greatly discounted to meet small business budgetary concerns.

You are required to fill in and submit a basic information form following your purchase of this product to inform us of the website you wish the analysis performed on. This product does NOT require we gain any special access to your website--all analysis is done through the browser so we test what your customers experience.

You can email Steven Trustrum if you have any questions about the web analysis report product before buying.

Licensing (the short version): All Misfit Studios stock art is licensed for use in professional publications. Misfit Studios (or, in some cases, the third-party artist) retain ownership of the work, meaning you cannot resell the art in your own art packs or the like, and may be required to post an artist credit.

Full Page (or Near Full Page) Color / Cover Misfit Studios Stock Art

133048.jpg 137149.jpg 138691.jpg 138804.jpg 138909.jpg 139262.jpg 140879.jpg 141448.jpg 141894.jpg 142496.jpg 143105.jpg 143509.jpg 143861.jpg 144227.jpg 144868.jpg 145860.jpg 147976.jpg 148484.jpg 149172.jpg 149327.jpg 149784.jpg 149921.jpg 150062.jpg 150484.png 151136.jpg 151255.jpg 151560.jpg 152641.jpg 153928.jpg 154440.jpg 155158.jpg 155356.jpg 155619.jpg 155637.jpg 156380.jpg 156856.jpg 156948.jpg 158462.jpg 158882.jpg 159835.jpg 162709.jpg 165449.jpg 165802.jpg 167924.jpg 170992.jpg 172344.jpg 176439.jpg 176743.jpg 181296.jpg 183960.jpg 183961.jpg 180675.jpg 185251.jpg 188119.jpg 189292.jpg 191520.jpg 193188.jpg 196088.jpg 196526.jpg 198710.jpg 202829.jpg 203766.jpg 207622.jpg 210080.jpg 212151.jpg 213641.jpg 213790.jpg 223486.jpg 234384.jpg 236436.jpg 238825.jpg 240098.png 242408.png 245376.png 248116.png 248153.png 249892.png 252188.png 252517.png 255056.png 256992.png 257152.png 257264.png 258279.png 258408.png 258890.png 259442.png 262493.png 262880.png 263744.png 266874.png 269225.png 269936.png 271010.png 271016.png 272332.png 272851.png 272996.png 273153.png 275447.png 276252.png 277882.png 278761.png 278971.png 280322.png 281929.png 282608.png 284011.png 284426.png 284912.png 285266.png 285538.png 286004.png 286323.png 287481.png 287512.png 288531.png 289641.png 291162.png 293899.png 294637.png 295171.png 295324.png 296516.png 297898.png 300188.png 301056.png 301542.png 304359.png 307154.png 309356.png 312989.png 313956.png 316895.png 317721.png 318116.png 319900.png 320268.png 320473.png 322566.png 325448.png 328519.png 330364.png 333624.png 335492.png 336243.png 338032.png 339745.png 340606.png 342926.png 344439.png 355201.png 356042.png 356042.png 357260.png 357263.png 357809.png 358480.png 359459.png 359999.png 360755.png 361526.png 362703.png 363052.png 363068.png 366306.png 367754.png 371331.png 371407.png 374372.png 376183.png 376417.png 376561.png 379683.png 381125.png 382364.png 383136.png 383713.png 384372.png 384379.png 384387.png 385367.png 385412.png 386901.png 389413.png 390184.png 390190.png 391359.png 391374.png 391424.png 393020.png 393732.png 395344.png 396915.png 396929.png 400345.png 402669.png 403232.png 403253.png 405844.png 405887.png 406484.png 406603.png 409239.png 409964.png 410865.png 412516.png 412973.png 413089.png 413872.png 414228.png 415443.png 415954.png 416215.png 416669.png 416749.png 417467.png 418859.png 419020.png 419751.png 422668.png 423403.png 424357.png 425956.png 426427.png 427288.png 428717.png 428762.png 429190.png 430084.png 432800.png 432833.png 433623.png 433895.png 436165.png 440110.png 440264.png 441430.png 448214.png 448756.png 451822.png 452082.png 452320.png 455102.png 455433.png 456267.png 459868.png

Full Page (or nearly so) Black & White Misfit Studios Stock Art

137277.jpg 137948.jpg 138664.jpg 139077.jpg 139311.jpg 141363.jpg 141929.jpg 142436.jpg 142913.jpg 145406.jpg 155473.jpg 155631.jpg 156023.jpg 156761.jpg 159131.jpg 165523.jpg 188974.jpg 200171.jpg 202724.jpg 203865.jpg 205219.jpg 205343.jpg 206548.jpg 333318.png 334382.png 335768.png 336507.png 337332.png 338762.png 340063.png 340781.png 342495.png 343137.png 344597.png 345485.png 346286.png 347949.png 348788.png 349428.png 350417.png 351024.png 352755.png 362345.png 353557.png 354281.png 355081.png 363805.png 379119.png 383718.png 385421.png 386177.png 386996.png 425365.png 432534.png 436417.png 440131.png 444374.png 444908.png 445829.png 447967.png 456282.png 459004.png 459319.png

Cover Background Misfit Studios Stock Art

19260.jpg 19264.jpg19202.jpg 79380.jpg 146888.jpg 154254.jpg 154316.jpg

Vehicles, Gear & Weapons Misfit Studios Stock Art

125330.jpg 146447.jpg 150019.jpg 150428.jpg 151021.jpg 151024.jpg 200585.jpg 226692.jpg 246320.png 297795.png 334597.png 355157.png 361507.png 366753.png 370726.png 373657.png 377472.png 378063.png 378110.png 379676.png 380508.png 381103.png 382414.png 383143.png 392987.png 399001.png 399663.png 407448.png 409916.png 413795.png 415419.png 419643.png 420505.png 423400.png 424248.png 425248.png 429182.png 431049.png 432538.png 433573.png 435991.png 436191.png 436942.png 440285.png 444309.png 457017.png 460107.png

Interior Background Misfit Studios Stock Art

19090.gif 19105.gif 19193.gif 19197.gif 28631.jpg

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Wade DrivethrRPG T July 10, 2014 3:04 pm UTC
Is this SPAM? Should this not be part of a roleplaying item
Customer avatar
Steven T July 10, 2014 5:26 pm UTC
No, Wade. It's a consultancy product (and thus in Publisher Resources) that helps RPG publishers (and writers and artists) figure out what their website could be doing better to draw in potential customers.

Want to know why gamers are complaining your site takes too long to load? This will find out why.

Are gamers complaining they can't find links to your products on your site? This will find issues with coding or offer suggestions on site design problems.

Want to know why your RPG site never seems to show up when you do a search for related game products? This will point out why your site isn't helping with this.
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