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At the Mountains of Madness - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts
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At the Mountains of Madness - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts (Audio-Produkte)

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"At the Mountains of Madness" (Mp3@320 Kbps) - from the RPG & TableTop Audio Experts 

The Mountains of Madness were said to be in Antarctica at a range much higher than the Himalayas. An amazing discovery was uncovered there by a group on an expedition led by a man named Professor Lake who discovered the remains of fourteen life forms completely unknown to science and unidentifiable as plant or animal. Communication with Lake’s party was lost but when they were found, they were discovered buried under six star-shaped mounds.

Contents: Cold howling wind on a textural bed of suspense and mystery.

Uses: I’ve made a few “snow-storm” soundscapes, but this one is my favorite. Yeah it’s basically a lot of wind blowing around, but the ambient sounds in the background give this one a special feel. It can be used in any snowstorm setting that you want to add a bit of suspense to. Especially those “lost in the storm” settings.  

Genre: Horror, Backgrounds, Ambient

imilar Soundscapes: Want more soundscapes that compliment this one or are similar? Check out "Arctic Excursion""Arctic Excursion 2""Snow Storm""Frozen Moon", or "The Frozen Tundra"

Time - 10:00 min

Listening to the soundscapes - for best results...

These soundscapes require nothing more than a decent listening apparatus that your players can hear and any software that can play MP3s (converted to CD/DVD will work too!). For best results, a system with a wide dynamic range will deliver the best quality whereas a laptop or bluetooth speaker, although portable and convenient, might not deliver the wide range of sound effects and may have the inablity to hear everything that's embedded in a particular soundscape. So keep this in mind when playing them. Of course, you'll be able to hear them just fine, but occasionally there are "sub" components that have been added to help round out the sound needed for a particular environment that may add some enhanced features on a larger system.

So, if you want to hear the soundscapes as intended and are particular and somewhat of a purist, like me, then a great sound system is advised--but not needed in order to have fun and enjoy the effects of any particular soundscape. I'm just picky and "picky" is not for everyone. Besides, the soundscapes will only enhanced a setting, but they can't run the fantastically awesome campaign that your players will enjoy and remember with upmost affection for years to come so much that in ten years they'll get together and reminisce about the "good 'ole times when your PC Troll, "Beorn the Vampire Killer" was beheaded by a fellow party member (ruining is nice armani suit) while under the influence of an NPC enemy vampire using Beorn as a puppet to infiltrate the party and the agency that hired them--not that that's ever happened to me or anything. That's where you come in.


If you can't hear your soundscape very well, it may be the system and not the soundscape--sure, but that's not always the case. When each soundscape is launched, it's still considered in the "beta" stages and can be changed, tweaked and fine-tuned. So if you're experiencing problems with your soundscapes, please contact Ambient Environments, a.k.a. Gil Luna, or leave a review with the issue noted and I'll keep track and fix them as time allows. You'll be contacted, if you purchased the soundscape, when it's updated and will be able to download the new version for free. Happy listening!

Category Description/Classes

Ambient Environments' premiere tracks are created to enhance your games of any genre. While some tracks provide generic drones and ambiance, others have specific purposes in mind and feature full musical instrumentation and sound effects. Each can be mixed and matched to provide variety when playing them during an RPG, War Game, LARP session or for any other situation you can find. Most are also loopable. 

Each soundscape is categorized by its function and some are listed in multiple categories so they can be applied to a variety of settings and situations. Be sure to read the descriptions of each soundscape so you know what you're getting! Here are the categories for genre and classification:


  • Backgrounds: Sound effects heavy. No music. Some ambient sounds. Loopable.
  • Ambient: Ambient sounds without sound effects or very few sound effects. Loopable.
  • Atmosphere: Sound effects heavy with a consistent mood-setting ambient texture. Loopable.
  • Action: Action-oriented. Features a background that is usually only sound effects driven that depicts a small confrontation or engagement with weapons and violence involved. Loopable.
  • Epic Battles: Features a background that's usually only sound effects driven that depicts a large battle taking place. Loopable.
  • Mood Music: Music intended to add another dimension to your games and to create an immersive environment.  The music can usually be played with a certain setting in mind or for inspiration or just for your enjoyment. 
  • Encounters: Limited use event-driven with sound effects and possibly ambient sounds and/or music. Created with a specific situation or set of circumstances in mind. Usually not loopable. Can enhance the use of other soundscapes.
  • Fantasy: Designed for fantastic environments. 
  • Sci-Fi: Boldly dedicated to science fiction settings.
  • Horror: Created for frightening circumstances.
  • Modern: Perfect for the here and now.
  • Period: Takes place during a specific period in history thus are "period specific" i.e. the 1920s, Medieval times, the Crusades
  • Western: Lassoed up with the old west in mind.
There's no general category because you can use these soundscapes however you wish!

Each track is 10 minutes in length! 

Got question? Don't be afraid to email me through Drive Thru RPG.

Search for "Ambient Environments" to find more of our soundscapes and be sure to "follow us" for the latest news.

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William W. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
June 7th, 2014
The Ambient Environments soundscapes are quality recordings that combine sound and music into an audio atmosphere for your storytelling games. Each track is ten minutes long, with no fade in/out at the start or end, making them perfect for continuous [...]
Chris H. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
June 6th, 2014
If you need the sounds of a windswept, barren, icy plain for your RPG, look no further. In fact, you could probably get away with using this track for a windswept, barren plain that isn't icy, since mostly what you hear is the wind. [...]
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