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Dungeon Delvers

Dungeon Delvers

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“I'm impressed….an excellent game to run at a convention.” -- Tenkar's Tavern

Dungeon Delvers is an ultra-portable one-page D&D variant.

Dungeon Delvers packs a lot into one page: rules for attacks and saves, 4 classes, 3 races, spells, healing, conditions, and monsters. The system uses only a d6. There'll even be a rock-paper-scissors system for rolling a d6!

Here's what you'll get:

A two-page PDF containing the rules on one page, and an expanded spell list on the second page. The spell list includes spells for wizards and clerics levels 1 through 3 (that's a lot of play time).

  • A one-page PocketMod PDF of the rules that can be printed and folded into a booklet that will fit in your pocket.
  • An .azw3 file containing the rules and expanded spell list, for use on newer Kindles.
  • A .mobi file containing the rules and expanded spell list, for use on older Kindles.
  • An .epub file containing the rules and expanded spell list, for use on iPads and other eReaders.

The System

All rolls are 1d6. Roll 1d6 each for the 6 classic abilities. Attack rolls succeed on 5-6. All other rolls are ability rolls, which succeed if they roll less than or equal to the relevant ability. Ability rolls are used both as skill checks and as saves.

Fighters deal extra hits per level, rogues get a bonus on ability rolls, wizards get one spell per level to use at-will, and clerics can cast any one spell of their choice once per day (more at higher levels).

Want more? Check out 2 adventures by T.W. Wombat and Brian Fitzpatrick at the Dungeon Delvers web page.

Dungeon Delvers is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA 3.0).

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October 2nd, 2016
This is a great little rule set, designed to be simple and portable. I love the idea that a core rulebook can fit in my back pocket. There are other simple rule sets out there, but the fact that Dungeon Delvers is designed for portability (it even prov [...]
September 5th, 2013
I've given this 4 stars mainly because it omits a few key little details that I feel are important, if these little things were corrected or clarified I'd be upping my rating to 5 stars. They are: Leveling- The class abilities refe [...]
September 1st, 2013
The simplicity here is just astounding! As a long-time gamer, I've seen attempts to simplify fantasy rpg's, and many have not done so well. But this...what can I say. It's simply genius! [...]
Megan R. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
August 31st, 2013
This is a quick and simple role-playing system crammed into a single page (plus an extra page with more spells) along the lines of Dungeons & Dragons but ever so much simpler. It could be used for introducing your non-gaming friends to the hobby wi [...]
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