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This is the original Numenera corebook. It is completely compatible with the new corebooks—Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny—but the latter are more up to date and expand the game greatly with new options, information, and modes of play.


Each world stretched across vast millennia of time. Each played host to a race whose civilizations rose to supremacy but eventually died or scattered, disappeared or transcended. During the time each world flourished, those that ruled it spoke to the stars, reengineered their physical bodies, and mastered form and essence, all in their own unique ways.

Each left behind remnants.

The people of the new world—the Ninth World—sometimes call these remnants magic, and who are we to say they’re wrong? But most give a unique name to the legacies of the nigh-unimaginable past. They call them...


Set in a far, far distant future, the NumeneraTM RPG puts a new spin on traditional fantasy, creating something unique to reinvigorate the imagination of gamers everywhere. Player characters explore a world of mystery and danger to find leftover artifacts of the past: bits of nanotechnology, the datasphere threaded among still-orbiting satellites, bio-engineered creatures, and myriad strange and wondrous devices that defy understanding. Numenera is about discovering the wonders of the worlds that came before, not for their own sake, but as the means to improve the present and build a future.

With streamlined, intuitive rules, Numenera allows players to create characters in minutes and puts the emphasis back on story rather than laborious mechanics. Numenera is the latest creation of one of the biggest names in roleplaying games, award-winning designer and fan-favorite Monte Cook.

The beautiful, 416-page Numenera PDF is extensively cross-linked for extreme ease of use.

  • Streamlined, story-based mechanics
  • The means for players to create the character they truly want to play
  • Open-ended gameplay with a strong narrative
  • A focus on mystery and the unknown, filling players with a sense of wonder
  • A complete overview of the Ninth World setting, filled with imaginative ideas, useful hooks, interesting characters, and wild locales
  • A bestiary of more than fifty creatures and characters
  • Descriptions of hundreds of technological items
  • Three chapters of game mastering advice written by one of the foremost experts on the topic
  • Four adventures to kickstart any campaign

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Critiques (44)
Discussions (8)
Customer avatar
October 16, 2018 7:24 pm UTC
To be clear to potential buyers, if you have the more recent Numenera Discovery and Destiny products, you don't need to purchase this product. Also, there is a free "legacy content" product that provides the details that were changed in the new products. You miss nothing with the two new books and the legacy content.
Customer avatar
Jeremy H May 04, 2018 3:06 am UTC
Is there a POD option for this title?
Customer avatar
Jim G January 12, 2018 6:47 pm UTC
Anyone able to find hyperlinks in pdf?

Suppose to be in Table of Contents, for example.

Ive tried in Adobe Acrobat, Browser, Word etc - Windows 10 and MacOS Sierra

Customer avatar
Jim G January 13, 2018 2:03 am UTC
I discovered my download was bad - hyperlinks not available. Deleted, downloaded again, and hyperlinks were available in PDF (table of contents etc).
Customer avatar
Luticia M April 06, 2016 3:49 am UTC
Having trouble opening the pdf file. If someone can help me it would be highly appreciated!
Customer avatar
Alan D November 30, 2017 12:39 am UTC
I just re-downloaded it myself. I tried to open my saved copy on my iPad and got a message that the file is corrupt, same thing if I do a fresh download of the book.
Customer avatar
Łukasz K October 16, 2015 6:11 am UTC
I'd love if the text would be aligned to both sides - it would make it a lot more comfortable to read. Also: shouldn't there be something on page 119? I mean in the large blank space that takes over 1/4 of the page?
Customer avatar
chris D July 19, 2015 6:09 pm UTC
All the Monte cook products are great. Couldn't help but notice that they are currently listing the printed book cost as the regular price of the pdf. The "sale" price is just the regular normal price of the pdf. They did this with a few of the numenera books on here.
Customer avatar
issac S May 23, 2014 10:02 am UTC
Amazingly simplified rpg system that puts the DM back in his rightful place as a storyteller, the world is inspiring and open, the possibillities endless. My first player is an Intelligent Nano who Howls at the moon :)
Customer avatar
Jonathan N September 13, 2013 9:16 pm UTC
Incredible illustrations and a fantastically clean page design/layout!
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