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FirstFable is a simple, elegant game designed to help adult gamers introduce young players to the joys of roleplaying. Appropriate for players as young as 6 years old, FirstFable was designed by professionals in both game design and education, and is available, free of charge, to anyone who wishes to use it.

This is the Guide Book for the game, primarily intended for parents. Each child playing First Fable uses one of the Character Books designed as both a characer sheet, activity book and adventure log. All of the First Fable titles, including the Character Books can be found here. All are available for free download and modestly priced in print.

Grab some dice and some pencils, and start crafting your own FirstFable!

First Fable is released under Creative Commons. Download the game for more information.

OneBookShelf is the parent company behind DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. We sponsored the creation of FirstFable and released in under Creative Commons both to give something back to the hobby that we love and also because we felt that there weren't enough roleplaying games truly engineered with younger kids in mind.

After we started work on FirstFable, some other great games for kids have been released: titles like Hero Kids by Justin Halliday and Eric Quigley (a kids game that uses a tabletop map and minis approach which many kids may prefer over the theatre-of-the-mind approach used in FirstFable) and many more family-friendly titles.

Find the game that's right for your kids and roll some dice together!

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Rezensionen (16)
Diskussionen (5)
Customer avatar
Bryan W July 09, 2018 7:41 am UTC
Why is the core book the only one not available for POD?
Customer avatar
Thomas K February 12, 2017 12:49 pm UTC
There seem to be not many adventures available for this game, does somebody know where to get other prepared adventures or are you just creating by yourself? (am not really the most creative person, but would like to get my kids started)
Customer avatar
Raccoon B May 20, 2015 8:50 am UTC
Thanks for making this!
Having been a Roleplayer since Middle School in the early 2000s, I'm now at the age where my roleplaying friends have children of their own, and this might make a GREAT gift for them. At most, we'll have something more appropriate than World of Darkness (I can't help but laugh at how NOT child-friendly those books are) get their kids into Roleplaying with us, and at the very least, we'll have a fun activity with them...

Thanks for making this free so I can see it first...
Customer avatar
vinz W November 09, 2014 2:43 pm UTC
I'm currently making "my own" rpg adventure for my niece and nephew (7 and 5) since they couldn't stop rolling my rpg dices. I made them short improvised stories making them roll D20, D8 or D4 and they loved this "rpg introduction" so much than I finally gave them a dice set each.
I read firstfable and am reading herokid as well to take what I like best in both games, but what bugs me is that both games use only 6 sided dices... That's a shame, since most parents introduce rpg to their kids because they play themselves (so they must have dice sets, right ?).

That would be my only critic here since both games seem really nice. I particularly LOVED the part in FirstFable rules about avoiding stereotypes (your characters sheet are quite binary though, the faerie is a girl, the knight a boy... I added a prince faerie and a knightress as well on mine lol)
I like the fact FirstFable isn't combat centered (which seem to be the case for Herokid :/)

In a few words...See more
Customer avatar
Raccoon B May 20, 2015 9:02 am UTC
Having developed RPGs before, specifically ones using pools of D6s, I can tell you what's up with the D6s.

First off, D6s are easy to get and use: everyone's seen and has them, everyone understands them well, and you can get them in boxes of 12 at a store. In games where everything uses a different die, things can start getting complicated fast. If you like that, that's fine, and if your kids are at the level where the big dice aren't going to confuse them, you might start considering D&D for them: I started playing when I was 12. (though, personally, I've always found D&D's complexity to be its downfall)

Second, D6s just have really good numbers. 1 to 6 seems to be a sweet spot when it comes to randomized numbers, because numbers 6 and under are both small enough that they're easy to add and don't seem overwhelming when multiple dice are rolled, and yet they're large enough to feel meaningful when you get a new one, even when you have 5 or 6 of them in a roll.
Customer avatar
Matt M November 04, 2014 9:32 pm UTC
User Yamil G. gave this product 2 stars for no other reason than the fact that it has a section that advises the GM to avoid stereotypes, apparently offended that the game might be "a teaching for promoting PC garbage." (His only other review is for a product he rated one star because it *gasp* talked about the sexuality of a fantasy race.) The passage in particular that he quotes is, "...because many gamers are heterosexual, white, and male, it’s easy for us to miss how offensive those stereotypes are," and he goes on to ask, "Children are not offended by things like this because at that age they don't understand things involving the various subgroups of people to begin with. So who exactly does the author believe they'd be offending with these 'stereotypes'? What is the purpose and/or implication of the author bothering to insert such a thing into a game for kids. It's a game for kids right???"

I have to question at this point if Yamil bothered to read the rest of...See more
Customer avatar
Jesse C November 10, 2015 1:25 pm UTC
Hey, I saw his comment and agreed with him. "...because many gamers are heterosexual, white, and male, it’s easy for us to miss how offensive those stereotypes are,"

The quote is saying that being heterosexual, white, and male are offensive stereotypes. Reading the full quote, I still don't like the assumption that a) I'm a white male , and b) because of this I would not know an offensive stereotype when I see it. But I do appreciate the sentiment of trying to protect kids from bad stereotypes and prevent them from letting that seep into the game. And I'm not happy with Yamil G.'s gross out-of-context quotation.
Customer avatar
Matt M November 10, 2015 5:19 pm UTC
Jesse: I do think that maybe cutting out the "...and because many gamers are heterosexual, white, and male..." portion of the sentence might have made it read a bit better. (They do seem to be lumping themselves in with the group of heterosexual, white males, for what it's worth.) After all, there are also harmful stereotypes of white cultures. But the suggestion, "Don’t make jokes at the expense of other ethnicities, races, or orientations," is a good one.
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