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Blue Mosaic Dungeon: Angles (2 square Hallways) - Free-4-All Tile

Blue Mosaic Dungeon: Angles (2 square Hallways) - Free-4-All Tile

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Welcome to the ModuMaps series, a line of sensational modular gaming tiles for tabletop and miniature gaming! 

This is a Free-4-All gaming tile, which means it is free to download and use in your games!  Each Free-4-All tile is associated with a full set of gaming tiles and serves as a free preview of what you can expect; however, the tile is unique and not a reprint of a tile found in the set itself.  Consider it a free bonus tile!

These tiles are great for those curious about the product line and wanting to take a peek at the tiles in more detail as well as for fans to get additional free material that works with their already purchased sets. 

This Free-4-All tile is associated with the Blue Mosaic Dungeon: Angles (2 square Hallways) product.

This product line includes several additional useful features.

  • Labels – The tiles are arranged with a label on every other page.  When printed in duplex, every tile is automatically labeled with the set name, tile type, and number.  As you build your sets, this greatly helps you keep your sets organized and plan your maps in advance.
  • Thumbnail Index – Two pages display a thumbnail picture of each tile, along with its tile type and number, and a blank line.  Printing these pages gives you an easy visual index where you can write the number of tiles of each type you have printed.  This, combined with the back labels further enhances your organization and helps you know in advance what tiles you have or may need to print for an upcoming game session. 
  • Whitespace Grid – A faint 1-inch grid is printed in gray in the whitespace of each tile.  This helps with alignment of tiles and measuring across empty spaces.  It also comes in handy when creatures are outside the dungeon walls (phasing monsters, ghosts, massive worms, and so on) or magic allows transportation through a specific distance of rock. 

Additional Printing and Use Recommendations

  • Turn off Print to Fit Page and set Print Scaling to None; otherwise the grid squares will be slightly below 1 inch.
  • Laminate each tile before cutting it out.  The added durability saves you money in reprinting costs and gives the extra benefit of allowing wet and dry erase markers to both write on and off of your tiles. 
  • To minimize tiles sliding around during play, assemble tiles atop a non-slip rug pad. 
  • Printing two copies of a Basic Set gives you added versatility and the ability to make symmetrical designs.  It is recommended to print two copies, laminate, cut out, and then make several layouts at your regular gaming area.  Make note of any additional tiles you would find useful and print them as well. 

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