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The Battlefield: Miniature Modern Warfare
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The Battlefield: Miniature Modern Warfare

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2013 Origins Award Nominee for Best Miniatures Rules

The Battlefield: Miniature Modern Warfare puts the modern tactical first and third person shooter experience on the tabletop. Utilizing the Overdrive™ activation mechanic and a proprietary terrain and cover system, the game captures the rhythm and flow of ultramodern shooter engagements. You’ll soon be sliding into cover, mantling obstacles, and performing breach and clears with the best of them. The features:

8 CLASSES Anti-Tank, Assault, Command, Engineer, Medic, Support, Spec Ops, Sniper

9 VEHICLE PROFILES  You can field Desert Patrol Vehicles, APC-IFV, Main Battle Tanks, Choppers, and everything in between. Of course, since you have choppers, there are rules for parachuting and fast roping included.

35 LOADOUTS In addition to the weapons and gear found in the standard kits for classes and vehicles, players have access to 35 Loadouts that can be used to further customize squads. These include: scopes, multiple grenade types,  ghillie suits, vehicle upgrades, specialized training, under-slung weapon attachments, and much more.

9 GAME MODES! There are 9 core game modes that each have between 4 and 8 additional options and variants. The modes: Attack and Defend, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquer, HQ, Rout, Tango Down!, and Onslaught.

Focus on Multiplayer

For 2-8 players! The Battlefield focuses on delivering a true objective based multiplayer experience. Not only will the game support up to 8 players, but certain abilities, game modes, and play options are not even unlocked until you have more than 2 players.

Stealth, Tactics, and Communication Matter

Even while embracing the shooter experience, The Battlefield strives to feature real world tactics and effects as well. Spotting rules, readied actions, overwatch, suppression fire, and bounding  are all present and ensure periods of tension and apprehension punctuated by moments of complete chaos.

Zombies, Insurgents, and MERCS But wait… there’s more! The rules for Zombies, Insurgents, and MERCS create options for players to tailor and enhance the multplayer experience even further. Here players can take on the part of roleplayer, spoiler, or even engage an opponent in something I like to call the sub-game. You can, quite literally, play a game within the game.

Scale The game is playable in any scale with any miniatures you like. It features first person shooter [FPS] and third person shooter [TPS] basing options to empower the player to enjoy the game with the visual style that suits their tastes and miniature collection.

Black Ops This bonus section of the book contains notes on design concepts, advanced rules, and other play options. Coupled with the core rules, you have everything you need to customize your games to mirror your favorite shooter’s style including games like: Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon, Battlefield, and Call of Duty.

Allied Support While you can use any miniatures you like, the game has support from some of the best miniature figure, terrain, and game accessory producers in the industry. There’s even a resource for LED lighting and specialized effects like fires and welding arcs!

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Customer avatar
Jason B October 04, 2017 10:04 am UTC
Looking forward to giving this game a red-hot go - my family's enjoyed Rogue Planet and I can see some real possibilities with some of this game's mechanisms. I'm presently stuck on one (important) thing: how does one 'start a game'? Specifically with regard to Unit generation/allocation and CAP.

Is the following interpretation correct: During a Turn, CAP is to spawn Units and/or command (issue moves, fires etc) previously spawned Units? For example, if I had 12 CAP available I could:
1. Generate a single 12 man Unit and end my Turn;
2. Generate two 6-man Units and end my Turn; or
3. Generate a single 5-man Unit then use the remaining (12-5 = ) 7 CAP to command the Unit?
Customer avatar
Brent S December 15, 2017 2:39 pm UTC
I'm really sorry for the delay in my reply Jason! I must have missed the alert in my email.

A unit in the game is defined as either a 4 man/model squad [if using third person shooter basing] or a single model with 4 wounds [if using first person shooter basing]. A player may have a maximum of 4 units on the table at any given time. That number may be less depending on the mode and number of players in the game. So, with 12 CAP you could:

1. Generate 4 units and have 2 CAP remaining for taking actions.
2. Generate 2 units and have 9 CAP remaining for taking actions.
3. Generate a single unit and have 11 CAP remaining for taking actions.

It's worth noting as well that the cost to spawn and/or respawn is charged to the player and not the unit. The first action for a unit that has spawned is not subject to Overdrive!
Customer avatar
Jason B January 03, 2018 1:07 am UTC
Thanks Brent!
Customer avatar
Brent S January 06, 2018 1:45 pm UTC
You're welcome!
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