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Dinocalypse Now: Hell Comes to Hollywood - A Spirit of the Century Adventure
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Dinocalypse Now: Hell Comes to Hollywood - A Spirit of the Century Adventure


It's the free Spirit of the Century adventure tie-in to Chuck Wendig's Dinocalypse Now!

While the heroes of the novel unravel the mystery of the cross-time invasion, another group of centurions, stranded in Los Angeles and on the run from psychosaurs, must join forces and save the city from dinosaurs, evil apes, and conniving neanderthals. From dizzying roof-top heights, to the depths of the Shadow Baron's criminal empire, this town's gone to Hell -- and only a weakened Century Club has a chance of stopping it all!

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November 2nd, 2013
While I couldn't quite convince my book club to read Dinocalypse, I did manage to get a group together to play this recently. I just got my shipment of the Deck of Fate, and wanted to give it a spin. My group loved it. We generally play very humorou [...]
October 30th, 2013
Played this as my groups first introduction to Spirit of the Century and it was a complete blast. It worked perfectly as a hook to get my group interested in the Fate mechanics and Spirit settings. None of has had read Dinocalypse prior to playing this [...]
October 29th, 2013
When I run games at conventions, there are a few guidelines I use. The first is that the scenario I've chosen to run is exciting. Nobody wants to try a game they're excited about at a convention, only to have the GM run a boring encounter. I want you [...]
September 11th, 2013
I'll start off by saying that it was tons of fun. Ran it with a couple adults and a couploe of kids, and everyone was able and willing to appreciate it. I think that it was a phenomenal introduction to playing FATE, and, specifically, Spirit of [...]
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