The Midnight Chronicles Trailer is Here! Fantasy Flight Games

Midnight Chronicles

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Our hats are off to Fantasy Flight Games for taking on the big dream of creating their own movie and then actually getting it done! What a success story for the whole role-playing game hobby.

We also think they did an awesome job! Whether you're already a fan of the Midnight setting or about to become one, this is a well done fantasy movie.

The movie releases on August 13th, and Fantasy Flight Games is making the movie available for digital download right here at You can pre-order the movie now and be notified on August 13th as soon as it's available for download. You can pre-order two ways: Midnight Chronicles

  1. Just the movie for $9.99,
  2. The Midnight Chronicle Package which includes the complete motion picture, plus PDF editions of the complete film script; the Midnight RPG Core Rulebook; and an original Midnight RPG adventure, set within the events of the film. All of that for just less than $5 more. Only available for pre-order here at

People talk about the democratization of media creation and in many ways that is what is all about. Just because anyone can do it, doesn't mean everyone does it right. There's still a huge difference in producing a video for YouTube and producing a major motion picture. Midnight Chronicles is a motion picture event produced from our own role-playing community. We think this is a unique moment in the RPG industry's history, and we hope you'll consider supporting Fantasy Flight's efforts.

To find out more about Midnight Chronicles, please visit the official Fantasy Flight Games movie website at:

Midnight Chronicles