About DriveThru

DriveThruRPG.com is part of a family of online marketplaces including RPGNow, DriveThruCards, DnDClassics, DriveThruComics, DriveThruFiction, and Wargame Vault. All are operated by parent company OneBookShelf, Inc., operator of premiere marketplaces for digital and print-on-demand comic books, roleplaying games, and fiction for over ten years.

DriveThruRPG is currently the largest online marketplace devoted to RPG and RPG-related materials. With us, thousands of publishers—from big names you’ve seen in print, such as Wizards of the Coast and White Wolf Publishing, to our industry’s small press innovators—have come together to make sure customers can get what they want when they want it.

DriveThruRPG is a single destination where online shoppers can receive the vast selection and excellent service they desire. We even encourage you to let us offer translated versions of your titles: It may not be economical to get your French titles to Quebec or your Spanish-language titles to Mexico, and your German-speaking fans living in Japan likely can’t find your titles locally, but fans around the world can access your games and accessories from us, in their preferred language.


A large, dedicated audience: Your entire library is available 24/7 to hundreds of thousands of avid users. And our sites continue to grow steadily year after year.

More profits: Increase overall revenue by selling your digital, in-print, out-of-print, and never-before-printed titles on DriveThru sites.

Easy-to-use sales tools: Our publisher tools make it easy to upload your titles and track your sales. You can control every aspect of your title, including appearance, marketing, and pricing.

Easy-to-use marketing tools: We will work with you to place your titles in key locations on our homepage, give them placement in our newsletter, help generate consumer and professional reviews, advertise on key websites and affiliates, and run promotions and sales.

No print inventory investment: Our Print-on-Demand service allows you to offer titles in print without having to invest thousands of dollars in inventory or to ship titles from printer-to-warehouse-to-distributor-to-retailer. With book printing in both the US and the UK, your fans can economically order your books no matter where they live.

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