Print Services

Our print program allows you to offer not just hardcover and softcover printed books, but also cardstock buildings and miniatures, small posters, and terrain tiles and playing cards in varying sizes and styles. We utilize book printing houses in both the U.S. and the U.K. to help you and your customers with shipping costs.

Our Print-on-Demand (POD) program allows for very small print quantities, including even single copies. Your POD books can be printed at need, with each individual sale, rather than in a large quantities or “print runs” and thereafter stored in a warehouse to be sold from inventory. You can even have printed titles shipped directly to retailers from our site. This means you need not invest in the large, up-front cost of a print run; further, you have no storage costs or labor fees, and therefore your customers face less shipping costs overall.

If you allow us to offer your title in POD format to customers, then we print copies to fill each customer order and credit your account with earnings on the order.

More Revenue

As with digital sales, you get paid 70% or 65% of the price the customer pays, depending on whether you are an exclusive partner with OneBookShelf or non-exclusive. On print sales, though, you receive your share of the margin after the print cost of the book (or cards) is taken off the selling price.

When compared with offset print runs distributed through conventional channels to brick-and-mortar outlets, your profit margin on POD is excellent. For example, a 220-page hardcover in standard color costs us just under $13 to print in the U.S. With an MSRP of $34.99, at 70% of each sale, you’ll see about $15.35 in profit, per copy. Compare this amount with your profit selling an offset-printed book into distribution, and you'll find that POD compares very well!

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