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We welcome you to the Scriptorium Aventuris!

The Scriptorium Aventuris is an initiative that will allow you to create original material for the world of The Dark Eye / A Look into the Dark (such as adventures, places, stories, creatures and much more!) By exploiting the intellectual properties of Ulisses Spiele and using, if you wish, materials, illustrations and official rules.

The material can be published in the Scriptorium Aventuris section of DriveThruRPG, for free or for a fee.

How does it work?

Before you start creating your own material, we recommend that you read the Scriptorium Aventuris guidelines. Thanks to Ulisses Spiele, we have created a series of official content kits, which will allow you to create material following the graphic style of A Look into the Dark.

Once you have created your product, navigate to your 'Profile' page on DriveThruRPG and take a look at the "My Content" section. You will find the link “Create new Community Content title”, which will allow you to upload the material and then publish it in the Scriptorium.

Before publishing, you will need to accept the OneBookShelf Community Content Author license. OneBookShelf is a US company that administers DriveThruRPG and manages the Scriptorium Aventuris initiative (under license with Ulisses Medien und Spiele Distribution GmbH).

As soon as your product is released, it will be publicly available through the Aventuris Scriptorium, through the DriveThruRPG and RPGNow websites. You will be able to read the reviews and comments on your products, while on your “Report” page you will find information on sales and downloads. You can also request payment of your royalties via PayPal.

Scriptorium Aventuris products

Take a look at the Scriptorium Aventuris to get an idea of the published material.

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