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Welcome to the Cypher System Creator Program!

Looking for content or inspiration for your Cypher System campaign? Or maybe you want to publish adventures, character options, or new rules or settings, in your own Cypher System products?

The Cypher System Creator program at DriveThruRPG lets Cypher System fans and third-party publishers release products, large or small, for the Cypher System. For players and fans, it's a vibrant marketplace for Cypher System compatible products.

What kind of products can I find here?

There are literally dozens of products available through Cypher System Creator. You can find all sorts of great content for the Cypher System, including:

  • Adventures
  • Settings
  • Character descriptors, foci, and other options
  • Cyphers and other items
  • Creatures and NPCs
  • And many other things our creative Cypher System community comes up with!

You can find products for the Gods of the Fall and Predation settings, as well as third-party settings and loads of titles compatible with any Cypher System game!

Interested in publishing for the Cypher System?

The Cypher System Creator program provides a variety of free resources for publishers, including logos, templates, and artwork. Publishers are free to use these resources, or to build their products from the ground up with their own graphic design, layout, and illustrations.

There are some restrictions on what you may or may not publish for the Cypher System Creator program. For a complete list of what is and isn’t allowed, check out our content guidelines.

Publishers may set any price they wish for their products (or make them free). Cypher System Creator products are subject to the standard DriveThruRPG commission, and a portion of the selling price will be paid as a royalty to Monte Cook Games.

To get started, first read the Cypher System Creator Content Guidelines. If you’re interested in our creator resources, they’re listed among the products for the program (they’re free). After creating your title as a download-ready file, visit your account page and look in the "My Content" section. There you will find the link "Add a new title". You must agree to the Community Content Agreement in order to upload your new title. After publication, all Cypher System Creator content is available here.You can check sales history, view reviews and fan discussions of your work, and book royalties through PayPal by clicking on the Account tap at the top of the page and selecting My Content.

Revenue from Cypher System Creator content is split between you, OneBookShelf (the company that manages DriveThruRPG), and Monte Cook Games. You take half of the revenue and we divide the rest between MCG and OneBookShelf.

The Cypher System Creator program is different than the Cypher System Open License. A few of the key differences include:

  • The Cypher System Creator program requires you to publish your product through DriveThruRPG only.
  • Products published under the Cypher System Creator program can’t include significant amounts of MCG content, even from the CSRD.
  • But those products can be made for, and freely reference, many of our game settings and properties (unlike the CSOL, which does not allow this).
  • And they can use resources provided by the program, including logos, templates, and artwork.

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