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Welcome to the City of Mist Garage!

As a City of Mist fan, you already know that the City is a sprawling metropolis full of perilous crime and awe-inspiring wonders: Districts bustle with people of all walks of life, most unaware of the mythical troubles that brew beyond the Mist; Small-Time Villains run around scamming, robbing, or even killing; Rifts (and even some Sleepers) investigate hard-to-crack Cases laden with mystery; Dangers ambush your crew at every turn; in the shadows, Avatars run deep and far-reaching operations, conspiring against each other from their secret Mist-hidden strongholds!

But what of Districts yet unknown? Mysterious Cases yet unexplored? Avatars, Villains, and Dangers yet unheard of?

That’s where you come in!

The City of Mist Garage is our official community marketplace where you can find, create, and sell self-published material for the City of Mist roleplaying game. Creators can offer their work for free, set a price, or make it pay-what-you-want. The Garage offers ample tools and resources to help you out with your creations, and a marketplace for all City of Mist fans to enjoy!

What’s in the Garage?

The City of Mist Garage is made for fan-created:

  • Avatar Operations
  • Cases
  • Characters
  • Danger Profiles
  • Districts
  • Theme Kits
  • Small-Time Villains

You will also be able to publish and find City of Mist hacks for other genres (as long as they don’t involve third-party IPs).

How can I publish content for the Garage?

First off, please read the City of Mist Garage Content Guidelines and FAQ, to get a sense of what you can and can’t share or put up for sale. Our creator resources include templates and artwork for you to use that meet our specifications for City of Mist Garage content.

When your content is ready, go to your account page and look in the “My Content” section. You can use the “Add a new title” link after you agree to the Community Content Agreement.

Once your content is published, it can be found in the City of Mist Garage. You'll be able to check your sales history, view reviews, and check on sales royalties using your Account page on DriveThruRPG. The “My Money” section of your Account page will allow you to withdraw royalties via PayPal.

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