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Storm Khan at The BlockGreg Stafford’s world of Glorantha is one of the most extensively developed and renowned fantasy settings of all time. A world of mythology, gods, and heroes, ready for you to discover and explore through the roleplaying games RuneQuest, QuestWorlds and 13th Age Glorantha.. The Jonstown Compendium is where you can find – and create – self-published material set in Glorantha. Creators can offer their work free of charge, set a price, or offer it as pay-what-you-want.

What can I find in the Jonstown Compendium?

You'll find original scenarios, background material, cults, mythology, stats for NPCs and monsters, and more, exploring the mythic universe of Glorantha. Read our content guidelines for what is and isn't allowed in the Jonstown Compendium.

Also, we’ve created Content Guidelines for sharing your work with the world, which includes advice on creating engaging content and additional resources.

How do I publish content for the Jonstown Compendium?

Your first step is to read the Jonstown Compendium Content Guidelines. Our creator resources include templates for you to use that meet our specifications for Compendium content.

After creating your content, go to your account page and look in the "My Content" section. You can use the "Add a new title" link after you agree to the Community Content Agreement.

Once content is published, it can be found with the rest of the Jonstown Compendium. You'll be able to check your sales history, view reviews, and check on book royalties using your Account page on DriveThruRPG. The My Money section of your Account page will allow you to withdraw royalties via PayPal.

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