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TinyD6 is an easy to teach, learn and play minimalist roleplaying game, designed around distilling the idea of roleplaying games to the most core elements! Focused on accessibility, ease of use, and portability, TinyD6 has seen several genre-focused books, campaign settings, and micro-games designed to push the boundaries while remaining minimalist, straight forward, and to the point.

Tiny Trove is a community content program, which means that you can publish your own TinyD6 work under our guidelines and rules and make money on them! It’s pretty great, and it’s an awesome way the TinyD6 community to grow and experience the game they love together!

What’s in Tiny Trove?

Tiny Trove is all about expanding what is available for fans of TinyD6. You’ll be able to find new mechanics, Heritages, expansions on micro-settings, adventures and more!

Your ideas are what makes the games at your table happen and we want you to be able to share them!

How do I publish content for Tiny Trove?

First, you need to read the Content Guidelines. Those will answer almost all your questions about how this works. Because we’re sharing our game and IP with you, we do have to have some rules in place to protect us, as well as protect you.

After you’ve looked into our resources and created your content, you’ll need to go to your account page. Then, you’ll want to look into the “My Content” section, where you can “Add a new title”. You’ll have to agree to the Community Content rules before you can do so though.

Once the content is out there and published, it’ll automatically be added to the Tiny Trove! Another sparkling gem of creativity we all get to see. You’ll be able to use DTRPG’s great tools to review your sales history, see what the reviews are, and check on payment and royalties through your Account page. (You can also get paid from the My Money section!)

Thanks for being willing to be part of Tiny Trove and part of our awesome community!

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