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Welcome to The Savage Worlds Adventurer's Guild!

The Savage Worlds philosophy since first publication in 2003 is Fast! Furious! Fun! Savage Worlds has everything you need to play narrative or tactical roleplaying games, with quick, simple, yet comprehensive rules for everything from combat to Dramatic Tasks, Chases, and Interludes. The emphasis is on less bookkeeping for the Game Master so she can quickly and easily create worlds and adventures for any setting, and focus on the players and their actions during frenetic combat.

Within the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (commonly called SWAG) you will find—and create—new and original content by individuals across all genres and from around the world for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game.

SWAG is simple to use and all in one easy to navigate site!

What’s in SWAG?

Within the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild you’ll find setting guides, adventures, one sheets, new powers, spells and enhancements, new Edges and Hindrances, maps, stat blocks for foes, and monsters galore from every conceivable genre.

Feel something is missing, or you have a sparkling idea? Take the opportunity to publish it!

How do I publish content for the SWAG?

Your first step is to read the Content Guidelines and our FAQ. Our creator resources include templates and artwork for you to use that meet our specifications for content.

After creating your content, go to your account page and look in the "My Content" section. You can use the "Add a new title" link after you agree to the Community Content Agreement.

Once content is published, it can be found with the rest of the SWAG content. You'll be able to check your sales history, view reviews, and check on book royalties using your Account page on DriveThruRPG. The My Money section of your Account page will allow you to withdraw royalties via PayPal

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