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Welcome to the Unknown Armies Creative Community!

Are you an Unknown Armies GM looking for more things to throw in the path of your players? Are you a player looking for more options during the game, or a group updating your game from an older edition?

The Statosphere is a digital platform for creating self-published content for Unknown Armies 3rd Edition like scenarios, new archetypes, new magickal traditions, and more. As a creator, you can share your content free of charge, set a price that feels right for you, or choose a pay-what-you-want option.

What kind of content can I find here?

You can expect to find scenarios, rules hacks, GMCs and creatures for your antagonist phase, and any number of new traditions, locations, avatars, and other spaces. Looking for new adept schools? Want something out of the ordinary as a set-piece location for your next session? You'll find it here.

For a complete list of what is and isn't allowed in the Statosphere, review our content guidelines here.

How do I start publishing content?

Get started by reading over the Statosphere Content Guidelines. We've made layout templates available to make creating easier for you, and to ensure all Statosphere content meets our specifications.

After creating your title, visit the account page and look in the "My Content" section. There you will find the link "Add a new title". You must agree to the Community Content Agreement in order to upload a new title.

After publication, all Statosphere content is available here. Check sales history, view reviews and fan discussions of your work, and book royalties through PayPal. We give you a few pointers on how to publicize your product and ensure that it hits the right tone our fans expect.

Revenue for Statosphere content is split between you, OneBookShelf (the company that manages DriveThruRPG), and Atlas Games. You take half of the profits and we divide the rest between us and OneBookShelf according to a ritual we can't disclose.

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