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Dungeon a Day #19 the House on the hill

Dungeon a Day #19 the House on the hill

I'd like to finish this months Dungeon a day with a simple house on a hill. It's not overly large or extravagant, maybe the home of an upper ranking military official. Its a fairly deffensible position, say if the nearby peasant populace decides to revolt. Its also good to run a haunted investigative game in. Maybe the lady of the house threw herself off the balcony? Or maybe the head of the house...   [cliquer ici pour plus]
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Dungeon a Day #20 the Yeti's cave

Dungeon a Day #20 the Yeti's cave

The Yeti's cave is smaller when compared to other Dungeon a day maps but you players will go around in circles quite a few times, there are also many sloped areas designed to forcefully split the party & inflict minot damage ipon failed balance checks. Included are 2 maps, the "DRY" & "WET" versions. The wet version adds another dimension of difficulty to the environment...   [cliquer ici pour plus]
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