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Laws of the Wyld West

Laws of the Wyld West

Saddle up and take your place in the Savage West. The Storm Eater's threatenin' to bust loose, those gol-darn Corax are nattering up a storm and everywhere you look there's Wyrm-critters runnin' loose. Good thing you got yer Gifts, Rites and shotgun, ain't it, pardner? Pardner? This Ain't Yer Momma's Live-Action Game Just when you thought it was safe to wear basic black again, it's Laws of the Wyld...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
White Wolf  $14.99

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The Wild West Companion

The Wild West Companion

Choose Your Friends Wisely In the Savage West, everybody's got a grievance, and everybody's totin' iron - or silver - and we don't mean coins! Know who's watchin' your back 'cause we're talkin' life and death here: day-to-day life on the frontier and ways you can avoid day-to-day death there. All sorts, from sodbusters to Sioux warriors, from Silent Striders to Iron Riders, can use the wisdom...   [pulse aquí para ver más]
White Wolf  $17.99

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