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Old School Actual Play Mini-cast #1

Old School Actual Play Mini-cast #1 (Audio-Produkte)

We're back! Welcome to our Old School, Actual Play Mini-cast! This is a 22:25 mini-cast, in which Scott and I get together to chat about old school RPGs vs newer systems. What's good about Palladium FRPG 1st edition? What about D&D 4.0, or 3.5? Pathfinder? And just why does Savage Worlds rub Scott the wrong way? Find out the answers to these burning questions and a bunch more as we sit down to...   [Klicke hier für weiteres]
Troll in the Corner   FREE 

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Episode 81: 99 Problems with D&D Next...

Episode 81: 99 Problems with D&D Next... (Audio-Produkte)

...but the picture of the gnoll ain't one of them. In this episode, we discuss the latest playtest material. We talk about what we like and don't like, and Wayne makes a case for elves of colour. We also come up with a winning business strategy for Wizards of the Coast to follow for D&D Next.* *We recorded this episode before WotC announced their plan to emphasize campaign settings and adventures,...   [Klicke hier für weiteres]
Idle Red Hands   FREE 

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Wargaming Recon Episode 86: Angelia - TotalCon's Promotional Director

Wargaming Recon Episode 86: Angelia - TotalCon's Promotional Director (Audio-Produkte)

Angelia Parenteau – TotalCon’s Promotional Director. Long term listeners may recall Episode 69: Angelia Heroux & TotalCon when I first chatted with Angelia, newly married, about Total Confusion LLC (TotalCon).TotalCon is New England’s largest tabletop gaming convention. This time we discuss Total Confusion 27. Plenty of great events are happening with a multitude of fantastic...   [Klicke hier für weiteres]
Wargaming Recon   FREE 

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