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Crown of Kings - The Sorcery Campaign
by Raymond W.
Publisher: Arion Games
Date Added: 09/23/2016 01:41:52
Crown of Kings - The Sorcery Campaign As a fan (from way back) of the original *Sorcery!* series, as well as the recent excellent video game adaptation, I was very disappointed by *Crown of Kings - The Sorcery Campaign*. This adaptation from gamebook to tabletop RPG campaign ends up being far too literal. What worked as a gamebook in 1985 does not translate well to the roleplaying tabletop in 2016. The GM info on how to handle each encounter is straight out of the book, with no explanations for seemingly illogical NPC actions. While this behavior may have contributed to a kind of unpredictable fairy tale logic in the original books, here it leaves a GM with little understanding of how to run an encounter that ends up straying outside the expectations of the text. The adventure is presented as a pure pointcrawl, with no notion of what to do if the adventurers try to travel overland. As an example, the PCs can creep by goblins and an ogre to infiltrate a goblin mine. If they are seen, they will be immediately attack...

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Farm, Forge and Steam
by Marja E.
Publisher: Phalanx Games Design
Date Added: 09/22/2016 20:33:47
Farm, Forge and Steam Food (and Metal) for Thought In Farm, Force, and Steam, Phillip MacGregor emphasizes the continuous evolution of past pre-industrial societies, and the ecological and technological constraints on these societies, in order to show how they could affect hypothetical societies, especially fantasy ones. I would like to have seen more discussion of actual societies. While there's ongoing debate over Roman population, there something closer to consensus about late medieval and early modern population, town sizes, trade links, etc. I would also like to have seen notes on plausible town sizes and army sizes, since both are often exaggerated. I would also like to add that there were towns/cities, such as Cahokia, and civilization in the Mississippi plains before European contact. If you're interested in the topic, I would suggest this book, and I would suggest looking at the works of Brian Fagan for a broad overview of anthropology, Marvin Harris if they are interested in another cultural...

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Darkfast Dungeons: Loathsome Fishmen
by Steven P.
Publisher: Okumarts Games
Date Added: 09/22/2016 18:58:05
Darkfast Dungeons: Loathsome Fishmen Dave has produced another excellent set of paper minis, useful for his Darkfast Dungeons game, any other fantasy game, Lovecraftian Horror and Super Heroes (Finally a villian group for Namor and Aquaman!) The are the usual front and back we expect from Dave, with a good selection of poses: 4 priests, a figure with a morning-star, 2 with swords, 7 with pole arms, and two crossbows. These are, to me at least, the easiest to cut out figures that Dave has produced. If you are thinking of giving his minis a try, this would be a great starting set....

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Genies (5E)
by Customer Name Withheld [Featured Reviewer]
Publisher: Tribality Publishing
Date Added: 09/22/2016 13:31:52
Genies (5E) Genies for Fifth Edition is not, as one might expect from the title, a book of genie-type creatures (though it does include four genies of legend) but rather primarily a book about genies and their magic. If you are thinking of including genies in your D&D Fifth edition game, this product, though short, will give you useful ideas and tools to build from. Genies for Fifth Edition is for D&D 5e by Colin McLaughlin and published by Tribality Publishing is about genies and their magic. The layout is clear with thematic color photographs for illustrations. It begins with a brief look at how genies perceive the world and the four elemental courts they are organized into, and what they want. It is short but evocative and provides the framework for the rest of the book. Next are four genies of legend, each one a powerful exemplar of its element and has their own lair, briefly described, complete with lair actions. These are tough (CR 16) beings so not everyday encounters but good ...

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Delta Green: Handler's Screen
by Jean-Baptiste P.
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
Date Added: 09/22/2016 12:27:08
Delta Green: Handler's Screen This is a very professional piece of work. Apart from one minor typo, the quality is excellent, the illustrations gorgeous and the layout very easy to read. The scenario traditionally joined to the screen is good for beginners, relatively forgiving, although it might need a bit of tweeking for complete newbies. The starting rules are simple yet complete enough for any game master to start even a small campaign. All in all a very good buy, highly recommended.

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Size Matters
by RunklePlaysGames S. R.
Publisher: Just Insert Imagination
Date Added: 09/22/2016 08:35:19
Size Matters "Overall my thoughts on Size Maters is this is a solid purchase! There are enough ideas here that you could have this adventure take place in several different locations and all of them would prove fun and virtually all the critters listed here could still be used most any setting you might think of." From my blog review at Runkle Plays Game. I did a mini review of my blog of this project. It hits the mark and knocks it out of the park with a "Honey I shrunk the kids" idea of a one shot game session....

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Urban Shadows
by Customer Name Withheld
Publisher: Magpie Games
Date Added: 09/22/2016 07:50:27
Urban Shadows Urban Shadows is a grand attempt at making an urban fantasy / dark fantasy / World of Darkness game with the Powered By the Apocalypse engine. The social and political ties and consequences feel real and heavy. The enviroment (a dark, living city) also feels real, moving behind nearly every move and character. If you love Apocalypse World, Monster of the Week or Monster Hearts and want to take that game to the next level of complexity and political-maneuvering, this is the system for you. All that being said, this game is very move-heavy. There are moves for every character, playbook moves for each different "class," story moves, and faction moves. The story moves a few and infrequent, but it's still a lot to remember and even muddle through, especially if your players are new to gaming or used to a game like Dungeon World or Monster Hearts. I would recommend this game if you are really into the Powered By the Apocalypse game engine, indie games, or dark fantasy titles. If you're l...

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Beasts of the Dominions
by Olivier S.
Publisher: GRAmel
Date Added: 09/22/2016 07:14:07
Beasts of the Dominions You thought "Beasts of the Dominions" was a bestiary for "Beasts & Barbarians" ? Wrong ! I know... I wonder why they called this book "Beasts of the Dominions" since it contains the description of less than ten monsters... "Adventures in the Dominions" would have been far better, fot it is a collection of 10 short or medium-sized adventures. I must say I am not a big fan of the free B&B short adventures, for I think they don't manage to convey the thrill of Sword & Sorcery gaming, but here, they are quite compact so you won't get disappointed by most of the tales that this volume contains. For interested purchasers, here is a very short description : - "The betrayers of Rhybard" : The heroes must act as spies for a Borderlands governor; their mission is to infiltrate a powerful rebell band. Will they side with the brave rebells or remain loyal to the governor ? This adventure is vert dense, and those 10 pages provide stuff for several evenings. - "Lotus Spawn" : In Zandor, the...

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Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide
by Thomas M.
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
Date Added: 09/22/2016 06:42:20
Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide I ran this for my group and we all decided that this was now our preferred way to play D&D. The journey and fellowship systems are amazing and easily produce detailed and enjoyable adventures with little prep from the DM. The added virtues (which are basically feats) are epic and allow for some highly individual characters and gives the classes a lot of replayability.

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The Cruel Empire of Tsan Chan
by Raymond W.
Publisher: Chaosium
Date Added: 09/22/2016 02:40:44
The Cruel Empire of Tsan Chan *The Cruel Empire of Tsan Chan* is a wonderfully inventive extrapolation of a future Mythos setting where Cthulhu emerges to begin an apocalyptic reign of psychotic madness, and the titular Tsan Chan Empire becomes the primary surviving human civilization. But this is not a story of plucky survivors who prevail against daunting odds - appropriately for a setting with Old Ones stomping around the Earth, things are only slightly less awful for the time being, and doom seems assured. It's very much in keeping with a Lovecraftian interpretation of the future, where our choice is extinction or transforation into something terrible and alien. This is also the primary weakness of *The Cruel Empire of Tsan Chan* as a campaign setting: it's bleak as hell. There are no happy endings in Tsan Chan, even less so than in your typical CoC campaign. Some groups will definitely be into this, but it might grow old, after a while. Personally, I would prefer to use TCEoTC as some kind of alternate...

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W20 The Poison Tree
by Customer Name Withheld
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Date Added: 09/22/2016 00:18:01
W20 The Poison Tree Was actually excited to pick this up as the Shadow Lords are one of my 3 favorite tribes. When I read it though it felt as if the author never read the WtA corebook or even glanced at the SL tribe book. Felt like he was just throwing out terms here and there to make you feel it was a WtA book. The book was entertaining and some parts resonated with the WtA/WoD vibe. Other parts felt out of place. Overall not bad, not great. Mediocre.

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by Dorian Y.
Publisher: Barrel Rider Games
Date Added: 09/21/2016 21:45:23
Bard I like my Bards like I like the economy. No magic. This bard is perfect. The saving throws and ac are not explicitely stated. Instead you are told to treat the bard like a thief at the same level. That was a good decision because it means that you can incorporate this bard in any system (swords and wizardry, basic fantasy, LL, etc) and you know that it will remain balanced with the other classes. The bard is simply a thief with a different set of abilities like mimicry and sleight of hand that improve as the levels go up. The bard is also allowed to use some of the weapons of a fighter. I feel like this bard is very close to the one discussed 40 years ago in the strategic review. I am very pleased. With this I consider Swords and Wizardry Complete... well... complete....

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South Gate Paper Model
by Ray H.
Publisher: Dave Graffam Models
Date Added: 09/21/2016 18:32:09
South Gate Paper Model Very nice product, due to the overall size its a little difficult to attach some pieces in the later stages of construction, be warned

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Chaos Earth® Resurrection Sneak Preview
by Joe M.
Publisher: Palladium Books
Date Added: 09/21/2016 17:34:07
Chaos Earth® Resurrection Sneak Preview i love all of rifts and this game sytem it was well put togeter and thought out i would like too see a rifts tactical game too thank very uch for the free thing you put out pleasw add more rpg book and system too thr free stuff thank for reading this note

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Joan of Arc, Protocol Game Series 3
by Scott V.
Publisher: post world games
Date Added: 09/21/2016 16:19:14
Joan of Arc, Protocol Game Series 3 This was the the first game we played in the Protocol game series. This is a very fun and tense game. The story played out with many plot twits and was all around a blast. With the card drawing mechanic that the game engine runs on it ensures that no game will be played out the same. I can't recommend this game or series of games enough.

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