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Veneto by Night
by Giuliano P.
Publisher: White Wolf
Date Added: 04/18/2018 08:29:03
Veneto by Night Here a my (AKA Andrea De Bellis) italian review for []( Enjoy! [Vampiri: la Masquerade. L’Amore per i GDR che generò “Veneto by Night”](

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The Idol of Thoth
by Felix A.
Publisher: Chaosium
Date Added: 04/18/2018 08:10:30
The Idol of Thoth Perfect to kick off a new campaign. I changed it to happen in Vienna and it was a great way to establish the PCs and NPCs they know. One of the PCs is an acquaintance of Sigmund Freud now for example. Also the low violence/mythos/magic was great. I feel like too often authors put in too much supernatural or violent stuff, and it just takes away the tension when you have to fight a dark young every session. It it was probably better than at least half the official scenarios I've read in the last two years. ...

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CTHULHU: Düstere Orte
by Chris v. F.
Publisher: Pegasus Press
Date Added: 04/18/2018 07:43:57
CTHULHU: Düstere Orte eines der Besten Quellenbücher zum Erschaffen von Orten. Was braucht es, damit Spieler sich gruseln, was fehlt vielleicht noch zum letzten Kick... absolute Empfehlung Die Abenteuer hinten sind mit Orten verknüpft, braucht man nicht, aber hej... ist mit dabei :D

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CTHULHU: Gangster - Unheimliche Unterwelt
by Chris v. F.
Publisher: Pegasus Press
Date Added: 04/18/2018 07:41:14
CTHULHU: Gangster - Unheimliche Unterwelt Schönes Buch, wer sich das hier gekauft hat, braucht das Spielerbuch aber nicht mehr. Das Spielerbuch bietet KEINE Neuerungen zu diesem SL-Werk. 5 Abenteuer enthalten. ein paar Rechtschreibfehler + seltsame Struktur, aber durchaus Empfehlung

[5 of 5 Stars!]
by Chris M.
Date Added: 04/18/2018 07:37:40
INDEX CARD RPG Deck of 52 These cards are great. My daughter and I love the artwork ,and she loves playing card games. We both love the role-play / story-telling aspect as well. I highly recommend this deck.

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Fragged Kingdom: ARMOURY
by Neal J.
Publisher: Design Ministries
Date Added: 04/18/2018 06:53:02
Fragged Kingdom: ARMOURY A must have supplement! A treasure trove of ready-made items for the busy gamemaster.

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BASH! Ultimate Edition
by YANN E.
Publisher: Basic Action Games
Date Added: 04/18/2018 05:55:28
BASH! Ultimate Edition Hello, This review is based on reading only. I have not yet played the game. Bash does not seems to be a complicated RPG. The basic book contains all what is needed to play and run the game : character creation with small and not overwhelming budget, easy rules to play (if you know multiplications), a lot of powers to choose, good advice for the game master, a setting chapter who describes 10 of the most used comics settings and how to implement them in play and a lot of already made heroes and villains for all power levels covered by the game. It is a game I could run somehow in the future. My only small gripes are : Hit Points, I don’t think Hit Points is a good thing in a superhero RPG and the tactical aspect of the game which, I think is playable without a battlegrid but seems to requires one anyway. ...

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Retroverse Free Preview 2018
by Danny P.
Publisher: Lasers & Liches
Date Added: 04/18/2018 04:25:48
Retroverse Free Preview 2018 really love this cannot wait for thetest wavw whenever that maybe

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Was ewig liegt Sonderband (PDF) als Download kaufen
by Roger L. [Featured Reviewer]
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
Date Added: 04/18/2018 03:14:16
Was ewig liegt Sonderband (PDF) als Download kaufen Wenn es etwas mehr sein darf: Mit einer Auswahl schauriger Kurzgeschichten sowie dankbarer Spielleiterinformationen stellt der Sonderband zu Pathfinder: Was ewig liegt eine Veredelung des Abenteuerpfads dar. Über die Grenzen der beiden Kampagnenbände hinaus wird mehr als nur eine Idee der namenlosen Grauen kreiert, die Golarion heimsuchen. Ob ein Sonderband, wie hier von Ulisses Spiele zusammengestellt und angeboten, zum Spielen der Was ewig liegt-Kampagne benötigt wird, lässt sich leicht beantworten: Nein. Ebenso leicht jedoch ist die Antwort auf die Frage, ob sich der Blick in das Buch lohnt, zu finden: Definitiv. Die beinhalteten Informationen, insbesondere aber die Kurzgeschichten, bieten keinesfalls redundante Themen und Eindrücke an, sondern tragen vor allem atmosphärisch zum Gesamtbild der Kampagne bei. Inhalt Der Sonderband von Pathfinder: Was ewig liegt beinhaltet einen Teil der Stretchgoals, die innerhalb der Crowdfunding-Kampagne von Ulisse...

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Macchiato Monsters ZERO
by Philip R.
Publisher: Lost Pages
Date Added: 04/17/2018 22:39:32
Macchiato Monsters ZERO This is one more hack that pulls what they think is good from the white and black hacks and then adds a few things of it's own. There are a few things I see here that I don't see in other hacks. Macchiato Monsters ZERO does not have classes per say (I like that), and encourages you to tune characters by selecting desired abilities. Being able to add one attribute point per level seems high to other reviewer and my players, but the characters that do so are giving up extra attacks, hit points, spells and traits. Since you have to pick your level up benefits, you aren't really getting anything for free. I tried using the combat training, but rather than the die type setting the weapon type that can be used, it degressed into just the damage done by that character. So a character with combat training d6 uses a mace at d6 and if their combat training goes to d8, that same mace is d8 and so on. This cuts down on the constant arms race shopping. Of all the hacks, I like the magic...

[4 of 5 Stars!]
CreepyPasta the Role-Playing Game
by Ella H.
Publisher: 26 Letter Publishing
Date Added: 04/17/2018 20:45:20
CreepyPasta the Role-Playing Game I gave this five stars, so it would stand out in hope that maybe you'll see it. This is my last attempt to contact you. I'm sorry I ever invited you to play this game. I'm sorry to everyone, but especially you. I didn't have a choice though. I should have listened to the creator of this game and bought it from this site first. I think that's what must have happened to me and some of the others from the forums. The missing pages had some information about the game, and I guess they're needed to fully understand. I despise myself for not listening, but I thought this was just another tabletop game. I'm scared, and I'm all alone now. The forums aren't even there anymore. It's almost like they never even existed in the first place. The only one from our group that I've been able to find is Corey, but he won't talk to me. It's like he doesn't even remember me. I don't know what's going on. This game had so many reviews. Where did they all go? You can barely even find any information abou...

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Heroic Fantasy Handbook
by Eric F.
Publisher: Autarch
Date Added: 04/17/2018 19:40:39
Heroic Fantasy Handbook Sometimes its not the genre but the way that a book presents the material. In this case The Heroic Fantasy Handbook From Autarch tries its best to heal a nagging ulcer that has existed in the table top role playing game fantasy book fandom since the early days. That is the divide between the fans of High fantasy vs Low fantasy. There's also a similar divide between modern Dark Fantasy fans & pure pulp magazine fans. The sub divisions of hobbies & fandom also spills over in to Sword & Planet vs Heroic Fantasy books & so forth. All of this B.S. spilled over into the Appendix N of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the first edition AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide back in '79. Basically its a way for others to turn their nose up at other people who are using the themes, ideas,etc. of any of the above to play adventures, campaigns, & games where the themes & elements of High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Sword & Planet, Dark Fantasy, Pulp are used & mixed with gusto! Others haven't been playing their ...

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Heavy Armored Knight Stock Art
by Jason B.
Publisher: Daniel Comerci Stock Art
Date Added: 04/17/2018 18:48:20
Heavy Armored Knight Stock Art Amazing quality and quite frankly, good price for such a picture. Used it as the cover for my freebie adventure on the DMs Guild, Encounter with the Edan Sha! I highly recomend this!

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Powerchords: Music, Magic & Urban Fantasy
by jason w.
Publisher: Quiet Thunder Productions
Date Added: 04/17/2018 17:43:51
Powerchords: Music, Magic & Urban Fantasy This book was a labor of love by the author "Satyros" Phil Brucato. There is his love for music all throught this book. It even reads and looks like a table music magazine. There is all sorts of quotes from various musicians about their craft in there and it is a great source material for those who are looking for musically inclined characters or to just WHAT GOES INTO being a musician and all that entitles. It isnt easy as this book states, it is long and demanding, frustrating and rewarding at the same time. If you have ever played musician characters and wanted to add an air of authenticity to them, then this book is for you. ...

[5 of 5 Stars!]
DDAL06-03 Crypt of the Death Giants (5e)
by Aaron T.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 04/17/2018 17:00:37
DDAL06-03 Crypt of the Death Giants (5e) Super tough tier 4 adventure. It has tough combat, it has a timer for success/fail, really makes these high level PCs "work hard for their money". The item at the end is.....Legen......wait for it.....dary!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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