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Frustration to Freedom: 30 Days to Legendary Solo Roleplaying Adventures
par Harry B.
Editeur: Cabbage Games
Date Ajoutée: 02/19/2017 04:32:21
Frustration to Freedom: 30 Days to Legendary Solo Roleplaying Adventures Its been a while since I bought this. I never got around to write a review but now with the new format and new price I feel its time to correct that oversight. First of all a warning. The original course was via e-mail and you got 1 chapter/lesson per day. The new format gives you all lessons in 1 handy PDF but... if you are like me you will scan through the PDF, read the stuff thats new to you and skip the things you already think you know. I urge you to use this like it was originally intended. Read one or two chapter and do some of the homework, then put it away for the next day. Chances are that (as a serious solo RPGer) you already know most of the stuff that is in this course. It is my personal believe that all Solo RPGing builds on the solid foundation layed by Tana Pigeons Mythic GME. Other described techniques and methods are freely available and might be known to you. So why get this book? What FtF adds to SoloRPGing is something I haven't seen in other products. Th...

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Polyhedral Dungeon
par sean m.
Editeur: InfiniBadger Press
Date Ajoutée: 02/19/2017 03:55:39
Polyhedral Dungeon Love the clean layout of these rules,just beautiful. Looking forward to more stuff from this system soon. Would really like a monster manual.

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Creature Components Vol 1
par sean m.
Editeur: Playground Adventures
Date Ajoutée: 02/19/2017 03:29:52
Creature Components Vol 1 Cool little book,thought it might be fun to give players another reason to kill monsters and I was right.Recommend.Lots of interesting little tidbits of usefulness for monster parts.Maybe make a part 2 with more mundane monsters like the Kobold,must admit I was looking forward to seeing him here.

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Crying Blades: volume one
par sean m.
Editeur: DaimonGames
Date Ajoutée: 02/19/2017 03:06:01
Crying Blades: volume one Lots of interesting new takes on the OSR genre.Great buy.Very much looking forward to Volume 3.

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Barbarians & Basilisks
par sean m.
Editeur: John M Stater
Date Ajoutée: 02/19/2017 02:58:43
Barbarians & Basilisks Great little OSR game,nice combination of brevity,layout and art. The price was a good incentive also. Buy this if interested in OD&D , The Black Hack , BOL , Crypts & Things or Swords and Six Siders .Was very impressed with my purchase. Other books by this author are great too,I have a few in both Print and Pdf and when I saw this new book I knew I had to buy it and I was very happy I did. Definately recommend.

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DDAL05-13 Jarl Rising (5e)
par Jasmine L.
Editeur: Wizards of the Coast
Date Ajoutée: 02/18/2017 17:55:01
DDAL05-13 Jarl Rising (5e) (Spoiler warning.) Not a fan of this one. First off, the plot, or lack thereof. The goal of the adventure is to get to some random place for a contrived reason that the module mostly glosses over. Along the way, you fight random encounters. And...that's pretty much it. That's the module. The story is thin almost to the point of nonexistence, and frankly, the whole impetus for the adventure seems suspect as well—why can't SEER just cast Divination? There's no indication that she even tried it, or of why it wouldn't work. There's no particular sense of urgency either. Not only have I had players take multiple long rests with impunity, I've seen them turn around halfway through, go back to buy spellcasting services, and then start the journey over again. Yes, yes, the looming threat of Jarl Ryndölg, whatever, but he's barely mentioned at all and it's not clear exactly how this mission is going to help stop him. The information you get at the end essentially amounts to "Yes, as we su...

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Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG
par Colette E.
Editeur: Hero Forge Games
Date Ajoutée: 02/18/2017 16:18:32
Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG This is a comprehensive and fantastic guide to roleplaying for young kids. As a beginner GM, I was able to start our families first campaign with the addition of one game from Hero Kids and then use this format to build my own and the families own ideas and adventures.

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Jaunt: Blood in the Snow
par Customer Name Withheld
Editeur: Roan Studio
Date Ajoutée: 02/18/2017 13:25:10
Jaunt: Blood in the Snow Great product - very well put together. Awesome old-school D&D adventure!

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Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
par Doug B.
Editeur: Goodman Games
Date Ajoutée: 02/18/2017 12:50:08
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG A beautiful RPG that schluffs off the excess baggage that weighs down some other fantasy RPG's. It presents a fun, dynamic system that makes play exciting with wonderful results designed to inject that feel you had when you first dove into RPG's. Very simple to use, yet complex enough to spark the imagination. The system is free of the things that bog down an overly crunchy system and boils it down, leaving the joy of role-playing.

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Conan: Jeweled Thrones of the Earth
par Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Editeur: Modiphius
Date Ajoutée: 02/18/2017 12:29:38
Conan: Jeweled Thrones of the Earth This is a collection of seven adventures for Conan, each designed to be played individually as suits, spanning the known world and providing opportunities to explore different aspects and themes. They are deliberately designed to be episodic - Howard's original Conan stories were, after all - and can be mixed up and messed about with if they don't suit your needs as presented here. The adventures are presented as seven chapters with an eighth one devoted to a collection of short adventures and plot seeds to inspire you further. The first adventure is Devils Under Green Stars. The party has somehow got to Zukundu, a lost civilisation in the Southern Kingdoms beyond Stygia (several suggestions are provided for the exact location), where they find a high-walled city/palace covering an entire island. It looks pretty overgrown, but those venturing in will find that it's not completely abandoned! The idea is that they've found the place almost by accident, but local wildlife makes the tho...

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Super Powered Bestiary
par Alan K.
Editeur: Rogue Genius Games
Date Ajoutée: 02/18/2017 10:55:44
Super Powered Bestiary Super Powered Bestiary is a collection of creatures that you would find in a fantasy setting. More specifically, these are creatures you would find in a D&D setting. In addition to broadly useful creatures like Animals and Dinosaurs (which need no magic elements to be useful in a supers game), you will find fantasy creatures that will be familiar to D&D players. The demons are fiery Balors and snake-like eight-armed Mariliths; the dragons are chromatic and metallic. The book is sorted by category, so if you just want to run an animal themed supervillain, Beast Boy style hero, or a brawl at the city zoo, you just need to flip to the Animals section. Horror themed adventures of villain might lead you to the Planar Powers (Angels, Demons, Devils) or Undead sections. And so on. The familiar nature of the creatures does mean they may need a little dressing up if you were looking for something more exotic, like teleporting the heroes to an alien world. But you don't have to deal with t...

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CT- B06-Scouts
par Andy B.
Editeur: Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)
Date Ajoutée: 02/18/2017 09:45:55
CT- B06-Scouts No matter what RPG setting you use... 'Scouts' is without doubt the most sophisticated and accurate star system generator you are likely to find. Personally I'm an author and I find it invaluable for creating realistic settings Its clear that the authors had a love and understanding of REAL astronomy allowing the user to be really specific about the star system that's been created.You know tyou are on safe ground when the first thing your dice roll are the spectral class of the star and then burrow down to the tiny details that might normally not be important until they are.. like the axial tilt of a world or the length of day (eg an 80 degree tilt and a 200 year long day) ...

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NeuroSpasta (5E)
par Jozsef K.
Editeur: Dias Ex Machina Games
Date Ajoutée: 02/17/2017 22:50:17
NeuroSpasta (5E) I like it. It is full of good ideas and for example the freediver class is very exciting.

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Dark Eras: The Sundered World (Werewolf: the Forsaken, Mage: the Awakening)
par Adrian K.
Editeur: Onyx Path Publishing
Date Ajoutée: 02/17/2017 20:53:10
Dark Eras: The Sundered World (Werewolf: the Forsaken, Mage: the Awakening) I'm going to be breif. If you're not going to get all of Dark Eras this is the one you need. Real talk. The setting is evocotive and frankly I would buy a new book shelf for an entire game line of High Stone Age Chronicles of Darkness. I'd want that shelf to be full. Do caveman werewolves and wizards sound cool? Do you have four dollars? Well then go click the buy button.

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Crossed Swords
par Glen A.
Editeur: J.B.K. Game Design
Date Ajoutée: 02/17/2017 19:40:04
Crossed Swords I've always been interested in the three musketeers since I read The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas a very long time ago. I am not going to go into detail about the mechanics of this game because the previous review has already done an excellent job of it. But I must say that the author has done a beautiful job of creating the France and Paris at the time of the musketeers. he obviously knows his stuff and done his research. He probably has the same love of the period that I do and it shows. I have played in a campaign using this set of rules as a musketeer and had a great time. The information provided would keep you satisfied even if you had not read any of the books, or seen the movies and the television program. The character generation is straight forward and the game mechanics work well with no surprises. I have owned and played a previous game called Flashing Blades in the distant past. I like this game better than that game from twenty-five or more years ago....

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