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The Kobold: A Totally Expected Parody
by Patrick H.
Publisher: 9th Level Games
Date Added: 12/04/2016 21:23:03
The Kobold: A Totally Expected Parody So here's the thing: Obviously this little booklet cannot parody the entire plot of The Hobbit, yet it is noted several times that the kobolds will be expected to go on the big stupid quest for which everyone is preparing. Yet, just as we get to that moment, we run out of text. I can't tell if that's just shtick, or if the file is incomplete, or if it really is just "Part 1" and more is coming later. There is *technically* a scenario's worth of activity here, but it would be highly repetitive and just not that interesting, and then the game would end on the note of "and now you start your big quest! okay, thanks for playing," which is why I can't tell if that's the intent--that would fit the overall KAMB aesthetic, certainly--or if this is a prelude to an actual KAMB campaign. Basically I'd say this could be pretty good if it explained what it *was* just a touch more. Until then, caveat emptor....

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Christmas Megabundle [BUNDLE]
by Landon B.
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
Date Added: 12/04/2016 19:17:12
Christmas Megabundle [BUNDLE] This is the best deal in third-party Pathfinder PDFs out there at the moment. This has a bunch of Raging Swan's best products, and if there are any that you already own (through previous DTRPG or RPGNow purchases) the price of those is prorated off of the bundle price. All around a fantastic bundle!

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Cepheus Engine SRD, Modifiable Version
by Gerry M.
Publisher: Samardan Press
Date Added: 12/04/2016 18:05:47
Cepheus Engine SRD, Modifiable Version Cepheus Engine is Open Source Traveller!!!! I am very nimpressed with this system. Characters tend to go be on the lines of original Classic, Combat is slightly unique Starships are a match with Mongoose. I am a fan of Open Source Software. I use Linux MInt as a primary OS. Cepheus Engine is just that open source. I am a creature of habit and am locked into a Custom Classic Traveller Campaigns and can't shake the nostalgia from that system which is my true love. I know if I ever wanna create anyhting CE is the way to go. I truly believe Cepheus Engine is the future of old school 2D6 Sci-Fi gaming. Five Stars not only for the game contact for the freedom for us gamers from the red tape!!!!! If had to switch 100% to any game CE would be it.......

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Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells
by Vincent F.
Publisher: Old Skull Publishing
Date Added: 12/04/2016 13:51:23
Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells The Old School Blues Podcast did a nice 45 minute, honest review and you call listen in here

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Quick Decks 1: Starter Pack
by Customer Name Withheld
Publisher: DSL Ironworks
Date Added: 12/04/2016 11:34:03
Quick Decks 1: Starter Pack I have been a huge fan of doing my own deckplans for over 40 years. Mostly hand drawn using photoshop. Or modifying designs from the books from a bad photocopy, back in the day. For 10 USD, I got the bundle. Sweet deal. I plan to design a whole new fleet with these deckplan elements. Thanks much to the artists and designers for this product. It is better than the T4 Naval Architect's guide, in my opinion.

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Grippli: Playable Amphibians (5e)
by Ismael A.
Publisher: Dire Rugrat Publishing
Date Added: 12/04/2016 00:49:51
Grippli: Playable Amphibians (5e) You know, I forget if I paid for this product, so just assume that I got a review copy. So the Gripply is an amazing little product that does a good job of bringing us a 5e version of a creature that has not yet been seen in 5th edition. Not counting the cover and backmatter, this book clocks in at 4 pages of actual usable material, and is handy for the price! If you like frog men as players, this is your book. The grippli are frog people, and this product make them available as a player race with a robust set of sub-races. While I would have liked to see more material (some racial feats, etc) that kind of gripe is a welcome one, as I always want to see more from Dire Rugrat Publishing. It is also a little bit harder to get into racial options in 5th edition, as some of them are less handy than in Pathfinder (magic items, for instance). The book overall does a good job of presenting the race with ample backstory and flavor text that establishes not only the Grippli, but the wa...

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Tudor House #3 Paper Model
by Malcolm W.
Publisher: Dave Graffam Models
Date Added: 12/03/2016 22:02:21
Tudor House #3 Paper Model This is a very good pdf that I was able to reduce to other sizes. Very useful for several periods and nicely done.

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Billy Bones. His Book of Nautical Nonpareils and Mechanical Marvels.
by TBeholder C.
Publisher: Street Rat Games
Date Added: 12/03/2016 20:18:13
Billy Bones. His Book of Nautical Nonpareils and Mechanical Marvels. As extras go, it's a great one. It even has classics from dead albatross to Bottomless Salted Pork Barrel. A little editing mistake: you put the clockwork parrot in the first part rather than second with other clockwork. Also, perhaps a wooden leg is a bit small to contain a musket, though it may be good for a pistol.

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Krampusnacht: Night of the Krampus! (BASH)
by Wilfredo M.
Publisher: Skirmisher Publishing
Date Added: 12/03/2016 19:42:48
Krampusnacht: Night of the Krampus! (BASH) *Night of the Krampus!* is a Xmas-themed adventure for the Basic Action Super Heroes role-playing game. As the title suggests, the players must face Krampus, Santa Claus' opposite number. Not so obvious is that you must play superhero *children*. This does not mean that the game is intended for kids, though it certainly can be played with them. The game also allows it be played with the original characters, even adult ones, though those might have a harder time because Krampus has the power to corrupt adults. All of this might sound cheesy, and it is- but Xmas stories like this are an old tradition for superheroes in comics and cartoons. Also, despite a few silly moments (like fighting a giant christmas turkey) the story is surprisingly dark: all of the children, for example, are orphans; even the super-villain kids who work for Krampus make you feel bad for them because of their origins. Also, adults get turned into monsters, children are endangered and put in chains, and Krampus' ...

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Chilling Curiosities — A Field Guide
by Customer Name Withheld
Publisher: Rising Phoenix Games
Date Added: 12/03/2016 16:33:56
Chilling Curiosities — A Field Guide Another home run from this company! As always outstanding artwork and creative monsters on a double page layout format. Wonderful additions to your horror adventures. I think my farvorite of this group would be the dream stalker, very scary but the helm lurker takes a second place. Wonderful product. keep up the great work. Five Stars. :)

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The One Ring - Adventurer's Companion
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
Date Added: 12/03/2016 13:04:50
The One Ring - Adventurer's Companion In the world of The One Ring, not everyone is cut out to be an adventurer. Many of those who do tread that path feel that it chose them rather than the other way around. This book brings a wealth of new ideas, new systems, and new cultures aimed primarily at players, but Loremasters will find plenty that is of use to them as well. The Introducion explains the five parts that make up this work. Part 1: Characters is concerned with the process of and options available when creating a character, beginning with an overview of the process. Then there is a section that looks at the choices that can be made as a character is crafted to ensure a unique and memorable character, with ways to tap into the inspiration many get from characters in literature and other good ideas, also material on forming a group in ways that seem natural rather than forced. Most of this part of the book, however, is jam-packed with no less than thirteen Heroic Cultures from which your character might come. Revel ...

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DDAL04-14 The Darklord (5e)
by Customer Name Withheld
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Date Added: 12/03/2016 11:19:23
DDAL04-14 The Darklord (5e) 4-14 The Darklord is the conclusion to the Misty Fortunes and Absent Hearts storyline. Unfortunately, my experience with this adventure was so poor I purchased it to read and see why it played out the way they did. The villain of the season--whose identity and motivations have been kept under an impenetrable veil of narrative secrecy for 75% of the adventures--has gathered all the pieces (which the spectators (a.k.a. characters) have been completely incapable of preventing over the course of the other adventures, by the way) to enact her plan. Now it's time to take the one McGuffin she couldn't hold on to and...I don't know. As written, the adventure text specifically tells DMs to obfuscate its purpose to the characters. The difficulty of this adventure says it is balanced for five characters of level 8. Even taking the maximum available experience from the other Barovian adventures, I'm fairly certain it is impossible to gain enough to reach this level. The highest level at our...

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Creepy Comic Conversion - Issue 1
by Richard T. H.
Publisher: Savage AfterWorld
Date Added: 12/03/2016 02:57:24
Creepy Comic Conversion - Issue 1 I really liked this idea. You read the comic and then play it out. It's a very simple, easy preparation way for CMs to get an adventure going. I hope they publish some more of theses for Crytpworld.

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A Collection of Poisons
by Andrew L.
Publisher: Assassin Games
Date Added: 12/03/2016 01:14:20
A Collection of Poisons A decent set of poisons, but game mechanically it does not feel like 5e. The poisons in this supplement feel much less imaginative than the ones found in the DMG, and still utilize mechanics found in 3.x edition such as Ability Score damage, which isn't used in 5e. While the poisons are cool and unique, the mechanics behind them just don't fit the system. These are great 3.x poisons, but not 5e poisons. The reliance on a strict primary and secondary effect setup is one of those mechanics lingering from an older system that just holds it back....

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by Michael P.
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
Date Added: 12/02/2016 18:30:16
DRAGONLOCK MINIATURES: Orcs Set 1 I've just started printing these things out, and I'm really new to 3d printing in general. I knew the layering of the plastic would be visible, but these things really look amazing. I wish I could paint well. :)

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