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Heroic Maps: Doors $0.00
Publisher: Heroic Maps
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/19/2013 09:55:21

A useful addition to the excellent series of mapsets - DOORS!

It does help when you can get in and out of these beautifully drawn rooms and caverns... which are presented devoid of doors due to the publisher's habit of using 3-D plastic doorways in his own games.

So here is a collection of different doors for all occasions (or at least all settings): open, closed, even secret ones and portcullises. Cut them out and position them as seems appropriate. All drawn to the same high standard and scale as their other product so they will fit right in.

In all there are standard doors (single and double), wooden doors (that is, those on a wood rather than a stone-flagged floor like the standard doors, in both cases the doors themselves are wood), cavern doors, portcullises, two types of secret door (bricked over or sliding slab) and some cave and forest openings.

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Heroic Maps: Doors
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