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Silhouette CORE RPG Rules Deluxe Edition
$39.95 $11.99
Publisher: Dream Pod 9
by Peter C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/18/2007 06:09:00

The Silhouette CORE RPG Rules update the old Silhouette rules in small but good ways. No individual change is huge but overall they add up to a large improvement.

The change in the botch system to count as 1 + all mods instead of just counting as zero means that in combat it is no longer an instant death sentence to a character.

Changes in the combat system now means a skilled character can win when facing a less skilled one that has maximised their stat unlike before where High mods were the be all and end all.

The vehicle system has had a few thing neatened and with weapons systems it is now a lot simpler to add different abilities to.

I would recommend getting the FAQ from the dp9 website as it adds a few things which I find very useful and think should be in the book and corrects a few small details.

A good system that deals well with lots of different types of games from grim and gritty historical to cinematic space games.

All and all I like it a lot 9/10

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Silhouette CORE RPG Rules Deluxe Edition
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