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The Wurst of Grimtooth's Traps
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Publisher: Necromancer
by Peter I. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/12/2007 12:20:21

The Wurst of Grimtooth's Traps is a mammoth 226 page d20 pdf featuring the devious, evil machinations and traps of the famous Grimtooth the Troll. Many gamers will be familiar with the pure genius of Grimtooth's traps and this product is a compilation for d20 of the best of those traps that your players will never forget. In the pages of this product you won't find simple traps or single trigger jobs, but rather cunning, devious and downright painful multiple trigger traps that only Grimtooth himself could conceive. This product is compatible with the revised d20 core rules.

The product comes as a single pdf file with a complete set of detailed bookmarks and a table of contents. General presentation is excellent, with good writing, evocative text, great illustrations of the various traps, and decent editing and layout. The lack of a printer friendly version of this product will hurt those wishing to print this product. The pdf introduces some new mechanics to explain traps, and this works well with the existing core rules and expands them nicely to create more complex traps. Overall, the trap mechanics is good. The product usefully also includes an index of traps by CR and alphabetical listing so you can find the trap you're looking for in the 200+ traps presented.

The Wurst of Grimtooth's Traps is a compilation of some of the best and most devious traps from Grimtooth the Troll. This product collects over two hundred traps from the classic books of Grimtooth's Traps and coverts them to d20. This product is divided into five sections - room traps, door traps, corridor traps, the Traps Bazaar and finally the trap-filled Dungeon of Doom. It contains not only numerous great traps, but also some humorous elements and illustrations about the creation of the book, and Grimtooth's own thoughts on traps and the d20 trap rules. DMs and players familiar with Grimtooth's earlier works will find many old favorites here.

Traps. Some people love them and other hate them, the latter mainly because the most cunning traps are not well supported by the rules framework. This product provides some of the most ingenious traps you'll ever see, all that slot in easily within the d20 rules framework and work well within it. There are traps for every situation here, and your players will never look at a trap the same again after experiencing some of the traps in this pdf. Traps cover CR ranges 1 to 10, with a heavy weighting of traps at the lower CRs and the higher CRs with fewer traps in the CR 6-9 ranges. Some of the traps for CR 10 are very expensive, and it seems very unlikely from a realism point of view that something that costs so much will be implemented. Magical traps of a similiar CR seem far easier, although not nearly as spectacularly effective.

The first three sections of the product cover traps in all their glory. The illustrations are effective in conveying the meaning of the traps, and the mechanics supports the concepts well. Here you'll find some delectable and evil traps - if Death by a 1000 Slices doesn't do it for you, then perhaps the Delvermatic Dicer and Malingerer Trap will. There are traps that will certainly make your players squeal, both in surprise and in the agonising pain that these traps can inflict. No more will players just look at a trap, find it and disable it. Here the disabling is an art form, the traps carefully crafted to make sure that even if you think you know how it works, it will still get you killed. This is simply a splendid collection of traps, a must have for every DM that wants to create something extraordinary in their dungeon.

The next two sections deal with the Traps Bazaar and the Dungeon of Doom. The former is a large bazaar that sells various trapped items, such as the Ring of Doom, and the Satan's Bow. Like the traps, there are some clever items in here that are very useful in a campaign game. Unlike cursed items, these items are trapped, and serve as a very clever way of delivering traps where PCs expect them the least. The last part of the pdf deals with the Dungeon of Doom, a massive complex and dungeon filled entirely with traps and nothing else. How useful this is in a campaign world and setting is debatable, but from the challenge point of view it might be interesting to run it. Certainly, if nothing else, it provides a huge number of additional traps that can be used even if they're not part of the Dungeon of Doom.

The Wurst of Grimtooth's Traps is a great product that brings to d20 the best and most devious traps of Grimtooth the Troll. This product contains scores of devious traps, evil machinations, and deadly encounters that are both very creative and fun to play. Players will be challenged by these traps, and DMs will have some fun and interesting new ideas to play with. This is probably the definitive book on d20 traps, and a must have for those wishing to resurrect traps in their games or give them the proper status that they deserve. I am sure Grimtooth would approve. Very good product.

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