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Diaspora Phoenix, Traveller Fiction $5.99
Publisher: Avalon Game Company
by Keith C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/25/2013 03:50:26

Overall I liked this book, and I would buy the sequels (when written). There aren't many Traveller novels out there, and now that Traveller 5 is out, I find I really want to read more Traveller fiction. There are quite a few battle scenes, and sometimes you get the sense that someone just had a bad, bad dice roll.

The interplay between the characters feels better written in the beginning half of the book. In the first half I felt like the characters had to make tough choices and were forced to fight.

In the second half, more new characters are introduced, and I started to loose focus on them all. The story seemed to wander about too. In the second half, the characters seemed more to choose to fight and I wasn't really convinced about how intelligent those decisions were.

Also, I really would have liked to see a sector map, like in Paul Brunette's The Death of Wisdom novel.

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Diaspora Phoenix, Traveller Fiction
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