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The Fate of Inglemia - Fate 3.0 Edition $8.40 $5.88
Publisher: Red Anvil Productions
by Emlyn F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/02/2013 20:43:17

This is a quick and incomplete review, covering only the implementation of rules in this product. First--this is NOT a Fate 3.0/Spirit of the Century product. It was written for the very different Fate 2.0 system, and extraordinarily little appears to have been changed to try and make it "compatible" with Fate 3. If you're looking for Fate 2 compatibility, fine, but don't be fooled that anything in here will translate to your Fate 3 ruleset without some heavy work. Secondly, there are still a lot of artifacts left over from the edition written for d20, including some basic assumptions (the magic system is an awkward translation of D&D 3e's Vancian magic system) and some text that just doesn't make sense (like references "high-level PCs" in a level-less system). There's also a lot of work left for the GM to do--the section on skills is a direct copy-paste from the section of Fate 2.0 that basically says "you'll need to make some decisions on how to run skills in your game," without any indication on how to implement skills in Inglemia. And then the NPCs and organizations have skills of their own, that are not described or explained in any way.

I'm not going to pass judgment on the actual campaign setting, the real meat of the product, because I honestly haven't looked at it very closely--that's not what I purchased this product for. But if you are looking for rules to help out your Fate game (I got it because of the promise of magic rules), you won't find what you're looking for. Be warned.

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