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Monsters of the Shattered World, episode 1: The Sea Devils $0.00
Publisher: Brent P. Newhall's Musaeum
by Dustin W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/09/2012 18:09:23

I've purchased all five episodes of this first season, and quite frankly, I'm impressed with how this story has developed so far. I'll be careful not to spoil the narrative as it has evolved to this point, but if there's one thing I would love to say, it's this: Only five episodes in, and author/lead voice actor "Dr. Worldcrafter" Brent P. Newhall has already shown me some fine character development with the way he has portrayed the story's protagonist Andreas, who's not only proven to be a very dynamic character within the mere 24.2 minutes I've become familiar with him, but also a pretty likeable one. The guy's no "Gary Stu," that's for sure, considering his scholarly (One might even say "sheltered.") upbringing, but even so, there has been a good moment or two where he has proven his worth when the chips were down for him and his adventuring companions, all of whom have relatively distinct personalities of their own as well, even when considering the fact that the listener only hears the words of Andreas as he chronicles his adventures to his patron via the letters that Brent narrates. Of course, Quinn Conklin's editing and sound effects only add to the podcast's overall atmosphere, as does the podcast's theme song, "To The Ends" by Kevin Macleod. All in all, then, this podcast is superb, and in spite of my tardy review for it (My apologies, BTW, Mr. Newhall), I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to subsequent seasons of it.

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Monsters of the Shattered World, episode 1: The Sea Devils
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