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Dungeons: A Solo Adventure Game $2.00
Publisher: Adventure Games Guild
by Billiam B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/09/2012 04:52:16

(Purchased Copy) I may write a longer review for this in a bit, but I'd like to say that the genius of this product is it's dice based simplicity. I was surprised to see that that author has now added a card deck -since the game is totally playable from the text. One of the reviews above implies that flipping backwards and forwards through document is a negative, but if you like solo-games, you may also be a fan of solo gamebooks - and believe me, there's a lot less moving between sections than there are in a T&T or Fighting Fantasy gamebook. The system is very accessible and the mission play reminds me of games like Warhammer Quest (without figures or massive floorplans)- but the beauty of this is that all you need is the text - perhaps separate out a few pages - like your character sheet - a pencil and a small area to roll dice in. This is the perfect rainy day game. Also it's an ideal imagination builder for younger players because the encounters and system is simple enough to be accessible to new players, and the re-playability factor is very high. This sort of product demonstrates a type of tabulated resourcefulness which not appreciated by many modern game writers and players, where the thrill of structured-but-random play brings the thrill of the gamble back to a genre clogged up with strategic power play. It definitely feels "old school" -but the better elements of the older games which required minimal gaming aids. The solo-play campaigning has more possibilities in this product than in solo texts many times it's size. It's also ripe for home-ruling, once you get confident with the structure of the game (nos of encounters/scenes etc.). Excellent.

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Dungeons: A Solo Adventure Game
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