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Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG $5.99
Publisher: Hero Forge Games
by Colin S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/04/2012 00:45:02

I bought this book this week after reading this. I've been looking for (or trying unsuccessfully to make) some rpg product that my kids and I could both enjoy, so they can experience some of what Mom and Dad do every Sunday night. They loved it. The game was simple enough for my precocious three-year-old to enjoy, and my five year old to not be distracted from. With the included adventure (which I do agree I had some concerns about, but a point was made - they're tropes to us because we're adults and we've already seen all of it. To the kids, it's all new.) we all had a lot of fun, including me. The ten foot climb was one of my favorite moments; I had them get out of their chairs and show and what they were going to do with a nearby wall as a reference. Of course, my favorite moment didn't really involve the product: my younger son decided during the combat with the king rat that he had actually been a rat in disguise the while time and turned on his friend, and when the rat king fell, he stole the crown and ran, becoming the new rat king to plague the town further in our next adventure. Also, it was decided that the captive was actually the warlock, so he stepped into battle once he was rescued. Overall, we had a blast. The system is easy to learn and use and versatile enough that when my son said he wanted to scare the rat away by pretending he was a statue with a scary face I didn't have to think twice about if he could do it or not. It engaged my kids' creativity without hampering their chances for fun; isn't that what a role-playing system should be about anyway? It was well worth the money to me and we're looking forward to playing it again. The art in the book is great: the character portraits are great and very evocative, bringing forth things kids interested in this will probably be familiar with anyway. There's a character who resembles Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled, another who reminds me of Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The maps for the included adventure are slightly lackluster in comparison to the portraits, but print wonderfully to make excellent props for the table. Providing stand-ups for each character helped a lot as well - it saved me from having to dig through my existing figures to find ones that resembled the children, and it reused the wonderful art. The only real complaint I have is that there aren't full-page coloring pages available for each of the character portraits, something my kids (and myself!) would really enjoy.

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Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG
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