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Dungeons: A Solo Adventure Game $2.00
Publisher: Adventure Games Guild
by Gary W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/29/2012 18:25:43

This is a good game if you are really dedicated to solo adventuring, and are not turned off by tons of die rolls, page flipping, and no maps to move around in. You choose one of four Heroes: mage, elf, dwarf, and barbarian, each with different strengths and weakness, and go on one of six quests, rolling for encounters and events on various tables, turning back and forth through the book as you do so and visualizing it all in your imagination, as there are no maps and few illustrations. Maps and a page that summaries all tables would make this game much more playable. On the upside, the mechanics are instantly recognizable if you have ever played an rpg and surprisingly sophisicated for a solo game.

For now, I can only recommend this book for solo gaming enthusiasts, and hope future books will include maps and summary charts.

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Dungeons: A Solo Adventure Game
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