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Delving Deeper Ref Rules v1 [BUNDLE] $0.00
Publisher: Immersive Ink
by Sean M. K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/23/2012 22:01:26

I've been watching, waiting, and in many ways participating in the epic journey that has created Delving Deeper. The guys involved are all passionately devoted to quality and faithfulness to the "originals" without violating the OGL.

My gaming geek friends, if you want to play the Original like it would have been played when there were only 3 little brown books, this is your opportunity to delve deeper into the core of where all of this "RPG" thing started. It was fast, fantastical, and fun... Well, done guys!

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Delving Deeper Ref Rules v1 [BUNDLE]
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