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100 Polearms $1.00
Publisher: Lee's Lists
by Andrew L. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/22/2012 12:24:57

When the original AD&D came out the RPG community, which was comprised almost entirely of wargamers, noticed a distinctive feature of the weapon tables. There were an awful lot of polearms culled from various geographies seemingly at whim. The running joke was not to write the rulebook name down on your character sheet, but to simply write 'Silly Renaissance Polearm.'

So here Lee's Lists have complied 100 such items, some of the old favourites even feature. For whatever reason they've even researched them. A copy is a must for every old school player. Keep a copy with your character sheet and at the beginning of every combat roll d100 and proudly exclaim "I charge in with my ...'

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100 Polearms
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