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So What's The Armour Like, Anyway? $3.99 $3.19
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/03/2012 03:31:51

So What's The Armour Like, AnyWay? Continues this popular series with an excellent reference book for making armour so much more than a single line boring note on a character sheet. I could go into a long drawn out explanation of what this series aims to do for Gms, but I think it would be easier to demonstrate for those unaware...

Which would you prefer to have your GM describe to you, as a PC: The knight was wearing full plate. wow, give that GM a prize for description

The knight was armored in a suit formed to resemble a well muscled humanoid torso, with glints of gold running down the sides, chasing the sun. His helmet bears the face of a hawk, its beak open in a scream of wrath, the wings sweeps back across the sides of his head.

So, which GM you want? No seriously, that's what these books do for GM's...they are an absolutely brilliant collection of tidbits of that nature, arranged in list format assigned a number just waiting for you to either roll or blindly slap a finger on the page. This book has 8 pages of lists covering light/medium/heavy Armour and shields. Go word for word with the descriptions if you wish, or use them to spark your own thoughts, that in the end is what they are there for, to help you be more creative on the spot, with no prep.

And for those wanting some prebuilt, ready to drive off the showroom floor stuff, how about an assortment of famous and unique armors and shields? Four armors and one shield, fully detailed and ready to be slid into your storyline. Need some hooks, or complications? Not a problem. Two 1-20 random lists have you covered with one for previous owners, the other for random...randomness, lol.

In short, I can not recommend the books in this serious enough to you. Even the most creative GM in the world will find usage from a PDF of this nature, the time saving capacity alone makes this well worth the price of admission. An easily given 5 star rating!

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So What's The Armour Like, Anyway?
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