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Publisher: WG Productions
by Oliver O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/01/2012 10:06:51

This game was not written well.

I had expected to have a retro-nostalgic experience of delving into an early version of D&D updated to make it relevant to the modern reader. The writing is extremely amateurish, making me wonder if the author had completed grade school, or if English were his second language.

As for the concepts and mechanics, it is too married to all of the "bad stuff" we have moved beyond. Instead of a nostalgic experience, it felt like a stifling, frustrating penning-in of creativity and free thinking.

For example, this system still imposes rules setting level limits for certain races depending on what class they take. Fighters are referred to as "Fighting Men". Elves can still do everything, and are pretty much better than everyone else. This game does little to add to or improve the existing body of work. It gets hung up on stupid gaming cliches in the most unoriginal, derivative way possible. It not only re-invents the wheel, but re-invents the bad, dysfunctional model that we all know doesn't work.

Did I mention the writing is eye-splittingly aweful?

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your review. This book has been corrected and a new layout and error free is on the way. To answer your statements, this book is not a clone, its a RPG inspired by Holmes Edition. Fighters are referred to as Fighting Men, to keep in spirit with the Holmes style. Apparently you are not an old school gamer, as all the old school books had level limits. If you want unlimited levels and your fighting men called warriors or fighters, then please look into what most of us avoid, called Fourth Edition.
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Mazes & Perils RPG
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