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Monsters of Sin 5: Pride (Pathfinder RPG) $2.99 $2.39
Publisher: Kobold Press
by JK R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/27/2012 09:14:43

Pride is perhaps a trickier sin than some others to make a real threat in a typical fantasy RPG. That's partly because any pride that a player character might feel in his abilities is probably fairly justified, which makes it not much of a weakness. One gets the impression that the writers of this series struggled more with this book than they did with the others I've seen so far.

First the basics: like the others in the series, this book has 6 pages of content, and is well laid out and edited, with good quality artwork. The copy I have, however, does have the wrong page footers, which presumably snuck through proofing.

Around a page of the text covers a general discussion of pride, and includes a cautionary tale set in the Free City of Zobeck. The remainder, and the main purpose of the book, consists of descriptions and stat blocks for four monsters built around the theme.

It's here that the sign of struggling shows through. The monsters are a good range of CRs, from 8 to 22, plus one that's a variant race, and therefore uses the CR of its character level (which is likely to be low, but doesn't technically have to be).

The problem is that three out of the four creatures don't really have a lot to do with pride. One is a tougher variant of a kobold, which is prideful, bur only for laughs (if it's low level) or sensibly justified (if it isn't). It's fair enough as a variant kobold, but the link to the theme is a bit tangential.

The two mid-level creatures seem to have even less to do with pride. One, being deadly but alluring, is more accurately about lust, and the other is more annoying than anything else. Quite why the alluring ones are said to be only ever female I have no idea... it seemed a rather strange and random addition to the text, given the rest of the description.

The Cr22 outsider is more obviously connected with pride, but some of its attacks come across as a bit silly - it does a childish dance, and then pimp-slaps you.

Overall, the creatures aren't bad, and there's some degree of originality in them. And, as I say, the quality of the production is high for a product in this price range. But, on the whole, the theme of pride doesn't come across very strongly, and perhaps proved a bit much of a challenge.

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Monsters of Sin 5: Pride (Pathfinder RPG)
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