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High Space Core Rules Beta $0.00
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Dillard R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/25/2012 00:31:07

It is a Beta. But, I expected more. This is billed as a generic set of manuals, but not so much. There are no shields for ships. There are no phasers. There are no inertial compensators or grav plates. No anti-gravity at all that I can tell.

The unique aspects of the manuals don't mesh well with regular SW. Mainly because no attempt was made in the Space Combat Section or Transonic combat (XS+) to interface with the regular rules.

Many of the rules are poorly written. Leading to almost as much confusion as not having the rules to begin with. There are no rules for Zero-G or Micro-G. There are no rules for operating on different types of planets.

There isn't even a single set of stats for a starship in the "Fleet Manual".

The amount of gear presented is minuscule. There are a dozen ranged weapons that aren't completely explained and 9 melee weapons (one is a knife/shiv!) that are even more poorly explained than the ranged weapons.

There are only three transonic vehicles for examples. There is no method for creating your own.

Computers, which are key to making robots, are poorly explained and lacking in details necessary to understanding how they work in game.

Edges and hindrances are few in number for characters and ships. In the Fleet Manual we are promised more edges and hindrances in upcoming supplements. We are also promised more ship weapons and systems in upcoming supplements.

The joy of using SW in general is getting a single book and having all you need to play a setting. Or at least getting enough crunch to create your own rules and settings.

This missed the mark.

It is a Beta, but it seems rushed to production to the point that it should have not been put out for awhile yet. It needed more alpha testing before it was offered for sale. It really seems to suffer from an identity crisis. Are these products really a generic set or rules for SciFi? They don't seem so because they are too thin on necessities. Or are they just some rules for some upcoming setting and a way to get us to buy more supplements?

I hope I am wrong. And I hope that this Beta test results in some major changes other wise pass this set of rules by. There are other hard sci fi settings just around the corner. At the PEG forums one Publisher is promising an issue date prior to Christmas!

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High Space Core Rules Beta
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