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ICONS: The Skeletron Key $5.00
Publisher: Ad Infinitum Adventures
by Chris H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/01/2012 00:13:20

In “The Skeletron Key,” Steve Kenson takes a fairly classic plotline of advanced technology run amok and turns it into a fun adventure for ICONS. The adventure is fairly straightforward, and shouldn’t be difficult for even a beginning GM to run, although it lacks some of the more direct (and useful) GM advice given in some of Adamant’s later ICONS adventures. In particular, inexperienced GMs would benefit from reading the advice given about GMing investigations on p. 9 of “Whiteout” by John Post and/or p. 12 of “The Mastermind Affair” by Morgan Davie before running “The Skeletron Key.” Since “The Skeletron Key” was the first published adventure for ICONS, Dan Houser’s artwork here was instrumental in reinforcing his fan-pleasing “ICONS style.” If you’re only interested in the villain Skeletron and not in his “origin story” adventure, you can find his stats in the Villainomicon instead. Admittedly, $5.00 seems a little steep for a PDF with only 12 pages of content, but perhaps not when compared with the price of a movie ticket or even a cup of gourmet coffee. Pesky punctuation errors aside, “The Skeletron Key” is a worthwhile addition to any ICONS library.

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