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ICONS: The Aotearoa Gambit $5.00
Publisher: Ad Infinitum Adventures
by Chris H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/19/2012 01:15:33

Originally released to promote disaster relief for the Christchurch earthquake of February 2011, this adventure offers a delightful “change of venue” for superheroes not normally based in New Zealand. The module offers several suggestions for why the PCs might find themselves in New Zealand when the story begins. One of this adventure’s most appealing innovations is the use of three parallel events all happening at the same time. Novice GMs might find these events difficult to run, if the heroes split up, but more experienced GMs should be able to deliver an exciting, fast-paced series of cut scenes reminiscent of many comics and movies featuring superhero teams. The villain in this piece is interesting, and might even be a little sympathetic if he weren’t so crazy. GMs can probably get more of a dramatic sympathy factor with the Green Man, one of the “lesser” villains. His scheme makes a kind of twisted sense, within the bounds of comic-book logic (or that of James Bond films). The final resolution, listed as a separate subpoint in the adventure outline on p. 5, is sort of “tucked away” without its own subheading in the last two paragraphs on p. 14, and feels rather anti-climactic. GMs may wish to spice this part up to make it a bit more dramatic.

A significant number of grammatical and spelling errors remain in the final product, including inconsistent spellings of the main villain’s names (both civilian and super). For some reason, the numbered lists on pp. 5 and 7 are set in a different sans-serif typeface (Calibri) than the one (Skia) used for the rest of the body text. Some, perhaps most, of the copy-editing oversights might be attributed to haste in getting the adventure to market in time to participate in the earthquake relief fund-raising; on the other hand, it shouldn’t have taken more than about an hour’s proofreading to fix these problems. Such errors noticeably weaken an otherwise fine product.

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ICONS: The Aotearoa Gambit
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