ICONS: Flight of the Nova-1 $5.00
Publisher: Ad Infinitum Adventures
by Stephen D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/15/2012 22:10:22
Flight of the Nova-1 is the first ICONS product in which I was very disappointed. The other adventures that I bought had stories with plots (more or less as the original ICONS rules suggests: a Threat, Investigation, Challenge, and Comeback). This on the other hand had virtually no story just 2 scenarios. The first being a completely unconnected prologue (I liked the villain but basically a simple villain and minor encounter) followed by several chapters of another extended encounter/battle. The chapters could easily have been summarized into one. No real campaign nor story that you really enter. No investigation or decisions really. Rather there just a single scenario. Not worth $5 for me. I hear this is to introduce 3 more adventures. Maybe the 4 make up a campaign (?!) but by that time you will fork out $20 and wait who knows how long for this piece mail work. Buy "Improbable Tales" if you want bang for your buck with a scenario style adventure. (Or buy other campaigns by ICONS which actually have campaigns like Skeletron Key, Sins of the Past, etc. if you want a story... If on the other hand $20 [the cost I imagine of this series] is burning a whole in your pocket buy the Villianomicon and you'll be able to whip up 20 scenarios like the one in Nova-1.

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ICONS: Flight of the Nova-1
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