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Cascadia Adventures 1: Save Our Ship $0.00
Publisher: Gypsy Knights Games
by Mysterious B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/10/2012 11:59:19

A nice little adventure that involves search and rescue for a lost ship and an important personage. The adventure can be adapted to any Traveller setting but is best suited the Gypsy Knights own milieu for it fits hand and glove. That said there are plenty of interesting NPCs and offers also a non-violent or a violent solution which is commendable to the end of the adventure.

The drawback of the adventure is that it is rather linear best suited for Convention-style play and the PCs do not have character protraits - my ongoing beef with most game publishers - for my players choose characters as much on appearance as is a power trip fantasy that they are seeking and portraits do just that. Similarly, NPCs portraits are also absent. So, were it possible notch this review half a notch toward good. For it is good but not very good. There is some sandbox play but it is curtailed by meeting important NPCs which is fine.

Inclusion of the playtest notes as a separate PDF would have been a nice touch, as sometimes I got lost who is doing what to whom. But, overall an excellent first adventure that dovetails and uses effectively all GK Games published materials to date.

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Cascadia Adventures 1: Save Our Ship
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