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DCC RPG Free RPG Day 2012 $4.99
Publisher: Goodman Games
by Cedric C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/10/2012 02:06:11

A key element of player experience in the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game is a sense of wonderment. Your job as judge is to convey “the sense of the unknown” that was so easy to achieve when we were children who did not know all the rules. -- DCC RPG Core rules

If, by "a sense of wonderment", you mean "OH SHI*", yes, DCC adventures have a sense of wonderment. If D&D adventures are a series of stat blocks and treasure tables, DCC adventures are a case of "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't". Assuming, of course, your players will last long enough to find that method. Spoilers ahead.

The first adventure, "The Undulating Corruption", is a 5th-level quest for a corrupted wizard and his party. DCC has a wonderful mechanic that the more a wizard casts spells, the more likely he'll suffer a corruption. In this adventure, your players have found out about a shrine that can cure corruption. Except that it isn't really a shrine. And it escaped.

The second adventure, "The Jeweler that Dealt in Stardust", is a 3rd-level heist of a fence who seems to have disappeared a month ago. Seems, of course, is the operative word. More accurately, it seems that Boss Ogo stumbled upon a particularly enchanted jewel, and has made contact with a Lolth or Lovecraftian mythos-inspired spider god, whose spiders have leaked into our own plane. It doesn't help that Ogo himself has a well-trapped location, or mundane opponents, such as the surviving gang members, still watch over his shop.

At about six pages each, both adventures are short, but that doesn't mean they're easy. They should be adaptable to other game systems. The second adventure will also be useful to understand what a thieves guild would look like. Also included is a $1000 design contest, with an October 2012 deadline.

My only hesitation in recommending these adventures is that, as of this writing, DCC seems to be releasing adventures starting at 0th level and is up to 1st, if you ignore the short 5th level adventure in the core book. Those who wish to create their own sense of, ahem, wonderment, adventures already have the adventures in the DCC core rules as models. The others who rely up on prewritten adventures may wish to wait until Goodman Games releases a 3rd level adventure to have something to compare these adventures against.

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