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Waypoints 0: The Village of Cowfold $0.00
Publisher: Chubby Monster Games
by Tim S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/08/2012 19:27:54

The purpose of the product is provide GMs with a small village to plant in their campaign. It starts with an overview map of Cowfold. In typical Matt Jackson style it is simply drawn with an old school feel that I personally will never tire of. From there it is broken into three sections. A short journal entry from a traveler named Lexx who enters the village as a stranger and encounters some of what Cowfold has to offer.

The section section is the meat of the product and these are descriptions of Locations in Cowfold. Each of these descriptions is accompanied by a small inset of its location on the village map. Descriptions of the people within the village and how they interact with the others. Then the best part is the Secrets section. Gives a peek at what's going on behind those innocent faces.

And lastly there is a small section dedicated to three adventure hooks for a GM to tempt the players passing through. There are many more hooks available in the secrets sections of the descriptions that a GM could plunder for adventure hooks.

This is a well done product. It looks good, easy to read and easy to use. There is no reason not to get it since it's free. It's not like we all can't use a premade village in our games. Overall, this is a great start for Chubby Monster Games. I think they have good talent in their small group and look forward to the other products they develop.

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Waypoints 0: The Village of Cowfold
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