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Waypoints 0: The Village of Cowfold $0.00
Publisher: Chubby Monster Games
by Robert A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/06/2012 22:44:46

Excellent starting point for a new series of campaign locations.

I was able to download Cowfold and pluck an NPC out to use in my campaign within minutes. The maps are nicely formatted for ease of use and the village is a nice compact size without seeming to be bound by the square edges of the sides of paper.

I like how each NPC is given a quick description and simple motivations. The secrets section can help if this turns into more than a quick side trek encounter also.

Overall I am very happy to have this in my bag of tricks for when my players travel cross country and I need a quick waypoint.

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Waypoints 0: The Village of Cowfold
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