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Forager's Guild: An Organization $0.00
Publisher: Dancing Lights Press
by Larry B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/27/2012 20:42:56

Another fine release from Asparagus Jumpsuit. The Forager's Guild represents a guild for your fantasy characters to seek membership in as a hook for different adventures and as a logic backstory and glimpse into the game world. The Guild can give your characters all sorts of assistance.

I am a little concerned that the Guild seems a bit apolitical as there are references to using the Guild as a place to hideout (without any real idea as to who you'd be hiding out from and why the Guild would help you with that...does it mean that you could kill the King and the Guild would hide you?). However, this give GMs the ability to tweak the Guild to meet the needs of their specific campaigns.

There are enough details to whet your appetite, and even a detailed description of the layout of the main Guild hall and what you might find there. An "official" map would have been an nice addition.

This is one of my favorite Pathfinder supplements from Asaragus Jumpsuit; probably because it provides enough to get your creative juices flowing and doesn't try to overwhelm.

In full disclosure, I do know the author even though we have never met in the non-digital world.

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Forager's Guild: An Organization
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